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My will
by Gordana Mudri
2016-08-24 12:38:37
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My will

If one day, I disappear; do not looking for me. I'm wandering leaving no traces.

In the cold forests of the North, I'm looking for extinct beasts. I sing lullabies to orphans in the deserts.

There, where the wolves were walking, I'm giving solace for the weak. I'm wiping the tears of sad lovers under the sunsets on faraway shores. In a whirlwind of madness, I'm taking over the pain of the mankind. I'm healing myself in silence, soaking the strength of nature.

And I move on.

Do not looking for me.

I'm not what I was, a mortal being chained in rules, captured in a cave of helplessness. Now I'm an eternal soul given from the universe, and the entire world is my home.

If I disappear one day, do not looking for me, because I found myself.


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