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by David Sparenberg
2016-08-11 10:18:35
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I am the person-poetic the philosophers and psychologists of ecosophy point toward in the race with necessity.  I am the summoned and prophesied.  Not last of latter day renaissance, but first of new renaissance.
voice01_400Beside me stand others.  Behind us will be more.  Women, men, children, together are coming.
Look to the horizon where sun returns.  I am the first signal of new light.  Sunlight that Earth adores!  Light that is love of life.
Blindness of the soul is being healed.  Separation is being cured.  Seeing—that is miracle of the new millennium.  Perception liberates ever onward toward at-one-ment.
Soon the sun’s full colors will be felt.  Roar of solar laughter!  Soon the Earth’s true nature will be felt: nature with true nature melding.
No longer will I explain myself to you.  Or explain to you anything further.  Together we will live as presence.
I am not giving you a fabled ghost dance.  I am not gifting to you empty dreams.  With me, memory is returning.
Now, I have spoken.
David Sparenberg
3 July 2016


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Emanuel Paparella2016-08-12 13:47:34
Indeed, all genuine Renaissances go back to origins. Ecosophy as an ecology of mind presupposes an idea of nature and its relationship to a strange creature called man who can reflect on that idea. Some may call it a new Renaissance and some may call it reinventing the wheel, given that the Greeks taught us that much (the first step) some three thousand years ago.

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