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Dark Mask
by David Sparenberg
2016-08-07 12:04:47
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Dark Mask
The sky suddenly darkening, unnaturally darkening, with lightning speed!  The sky morphing convulsively in convolutions of perfect storm!
dark01_400While heavens above twisted like a monstrous serpent, a thrashing dragon in maniacal rage, earth below trembled.
Watchers of the place hastened into the round house, the house they had named House of Spirits.  Most of the people huddled around clusters of wide eyed children.  Several women lit candles.  Kneeling before the feeble flames, women whispered prayers.
All eyes now sought the face of the Elder.  The Old One stood among his people.  His voice sounded calm and solemn.  The Elder said: “The hour has come.  Calamity is consuming the world we tried to turn from madness.  The angel of death is harvesting.”
Twilight filled the round house, deepening twilight and flickering candles.  The Old One looked around at the familiar assemblage.  Again he spoke, his voice grown resonant with feeling.  The Elder said: “ Many now are dying.  In an instant death is everywhere.  We too may soon die.  If we do, we will die here together.  If our love is powerful and our pledge to the way of life holds true, we may yet live into the promise of renewal.”
Having spoken his words, the Old One left the House of Spirits, walked out and stood alone before the onrushing cataclysm of chaos and destruction.
The Elder’s eyes looked up at the tortured sky.  The billowing rage consciously looked back at the feeble man.
Now the Elder’s face shone like a beacon of light.  The Old One raised his arms and his hands flared like two burning torches.
The storm, a viral haboob of scorching miasma, assailed, battered and spread over the ancient avatar.  All of the Elder’s strength, of flesh and of spirit, was united to withstand this onslaught of terror.
Standing, the Old One prayed his prayer of heart and soul—deep prayer: the prayer of Heaven and Earth.  Ah…
What befell the Elder remains unknown, or if known, untold.  Watches from the House of Spirits lived into the aftermath.  Together the survivors emerged, awestruck, upon a new dawn.  Enclosed, as they were, in a profound fertility of silence.
Sacrifice was offered, say the People of Renewal.  The act of trust.  And the dark mask, the angel of death (or nightmare visage of anti-man) passed over.

David Sparenberg
12 July 2016


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