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The brief straighforward way to make money
by Jay Gutman
2016-08-06 12:48:28
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The brief straighforward way to make money

I noticed that economic planners have been wondering what economic consumer path leads to growth. Simply put, here are the categories of consumers that you will find.

money01_400_01-Those who have no time and no money to spend. They are probably busy repaying debts, and are very good at returning the items they buy.

-Those who have time but no money to spend. They are probably spending all day in front of their TVs or computers, and will buy the occasional cup of coffee, pack of cigarettes or TV dinner.

-Those who have no time but money to spend. They are probably trying to look good. Brand fashion, fancy restaurants and brand cars are what they spend their money on, but they often have no time for electronic gadgets or home appliances.

-Those who have time and money to spend. They’re usually trying to kill time, so they might travel, spend on electronic gadgets and software applications, they might kill time by shopping online or going to entertainment venues, concerts, to the movies or spend on decorative items. The problem is the usually end up being busy at some point.

The main problem with the economy is that we get older every day. German cars were hype among youngsters in the 60s, French cars were hype among youngsters in the 70s around the world before Italian and Japanese cars became hype in the 80s and 90s before the new younger generation switched to Korean cars before “environmentally friendly” cars became hype among the new generation.

Older people tend to make their way up toward better promotions and have more money to spend on cars and tend to prefer cars produced in limited editions, so they know there won’t be too many of their brand of car circulating around, or perhaps bigger cars where they could fit their families.  

The same could be said about cell phones. Ericson and Alcaltel were the must-have student phones before Motorolla came in with their “slide phones” while Nokia tended to be the businessman’s phone. As the generation of students grew older and the new young generation tended to prefer phones that offered a choice in color, Koreans LG were the first to come up with that idea. Younger students who had both time and money starting opting for smart phones, before that generation got jobs and had less time to play with their phones, demanding simpler, easier to use, less distracting and more ergonomic phones.

The same could be said about every product. Before you plan consumption in an economy you need to ask yourself: who has time? Who has money? How do they age? Simple. You don’t need to go to an Ivy League school for that.    

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