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An Honorable Man Khan versus Dis-Honorable Con Man
by Leah Sellers
2016-08-03 09:52:32
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Oh, Mr. Trumpty is blowing his Bull-Horn again, but this time in the direction of two Grieving Parents who lost their Son in 2004 during the ill conceived Iraq War.
khan02_400The Honorable Khzir and Ghzala Khan lost their military Son, Humayun, when he told his troop member s to stay back while he went to check out a suspicious vehicle.  According to his father, Humayun took ten steps toward the suspicious vehicle before it exploded.
In Memory of Humayun, his father and mother received their son’s Bronze Star and Purple Heart.  Humayun died a Heroes death.
The reverberations of Violence are eventually always felt within the Living Tendrils and further reaches of the Whole World.
As a Guest Speaker, during the Democratic Convention, the eloquent and Honorable Khzir Khan spoke cogently of his Love for the Values embodied within the American Constitution, and asked Mr. Trumpty if he had even ever read the Constitution.  Did Mr. Trumpty understand how Great a Living Document it was ?
The Honorable Khzir Khan went on to talk about how the most important things in Life were the Love of Family, the Love of Country and one’s Willingness to Sacrifice oneself Protecting Others and America’s Great Nation.
He claimed that Mr. Trumpty had never Sacrificed anything or anyone in his Life or within his Family for the sake of his Country, and that Mr. Trumpty should stop criticizing and ridiculing those, like Senator McCain, whom Mr. Trumpty had demeaned as not being a proper War Hero due to the fact that he had been a Prisoner of War, who had.
Mr. Khzir Khan went on to say that a True Leader needs to have Empathy and some modicum of Respect for the People he or she leads.
khan01_400He also spoke about how many who had Sacrificed their Lives and Children to Protect America’s Constitutional Dreams and Ideals were from All Ethnicities, Religions and Genders.  All Walks of Life.  And that they are All due America’s, and her Leaders or Leaders-to-Be, Gratitude, Allegiance, Loyalty, and Respect.  Not the Ignorance and Arrogance which Mr. Trumpty had doled out to All Muslims, the eleven million Immigrants who, for the most part, contribute to America, by carrying out a Mass Deportation, and some Women, who happen to annoy him.
The Honorable Khizir Khan and his wife, Ghazala represent and embody all that is Best about the Land of Liberty, Equal rights under the Law and Opportunity, and should be Cherished, not demeaned and threatened.
Mr. Khan’s Courageous stance against Mr. Trumpty’s ignorance, arrogance and lack of empathy, and Mr. Trump’s continued attacks against the Khan’s, has created quite a Firestorm within social media.
Many Republicans and other Gold Star Families, like the Khan’s, have spoken out against Mr. Trumpty’s many verbal dumpty’s, and are asking him to Apologize. 
But Mr. Trumpty refuses to Apologize, because he sees it as a weakness.  He does not ever admit to wrong-doing.  Instead he prefers to change the subject or distract everyone’s attention elsewhere oftentimes to the detriment of innocent others.  It’s an old Life’s tactic and/or strategy for the weak-minded.
In actuality, it takes real Inner Courage to admit to oneself, and to others, when one is wrong, to Apologize, and seek to make Amends.
But Mr. Trump is a Dis-Honorable Con Man being confronted by an Honorable Man Khan.  Thus the impasse.
Perhaps, in the future, Mr. Khan should consider running for some political office locally - nationally.  He possesses the personal Attributes most folks attribute to Good Leaders and Wise Counsel.

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