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Racism and elections
by Jay Gutman
2016-07-29 10:33:52
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There’s a lot of speculation on the origins of human beings. One theory has it that there once was such a thing as human races and that there were sizeable morphological and physical differences between human beings. Then perhaps a massive volcano eruption, the equivalent of thousands of nuclear bombs detonated some 12,000 years ago and virtually wiped out humanity, but that by some miracle about 2,000 members of a tribe, perhaps somewhere in Europe or Africa survived and that we are all their direct descends.

rac01_400_01Origins and ethnicity tend to be taboo everywhere I’ve been. In some cases even close friends won’t reveal their origins or identity to close friends. Most Muslims or Mexicans don’t run around yelling where they’re from, nor do people from other backgrounds.

In politics, if you start a political party, you will quickly realize that the lower the score of your opponent the more power you have. So when framing your opponent, you want to make sure that he has these four qualities:

-That he represents about 10% of the electorate

-That they follow slightly different cultural patterns

-That he is located in a confined geographically large but underpopulated area or small but overpopulated area

-That minority is represented as “self-centered”

Defeating 10% means you win 90% of the vote. 

By stigmatizing the 10% and focusing political debated on the 10%, it’s easy to get the 90% on your side. If opposition political parties were smart, they would direct their stigma toward another 10% but the ruling party can always use the “stigmatized populations shouldn’t stigmatize” principle.

So basically racism is mostly just politics. But then offices have their politics, streets have their politics and districts have their politics.

Unfortunately, no one can escape the political game. Streets have their own codes to determine who’s the majority and who’s the minority. It could be people asking you what mosque you pray in on Fridays in Muslim countries, what you did for Christmas in Europe or what football team you root for in Turkey or the British Isles, what music you listen to in North America.

So next time it’s electoral season, keep in mind that someone’s trying to get 90% on their side.

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Emanuel Paparella2016-07-29 13:21:41
Indeed, it turns out to be a question of racism mixed with politics, and this from time immemorial. Perhaps it is a theological issue having to do with the nature of man. Even an intelligent man like Plato saw a problem with democracy; sometimes it insures the rule of idiocracy and the tyranny of the majority. As a rule bigots and racists do not like democracy; democracy denies them the exclusive use and abuse of power; they simply use democracy to get elected, then they appropriate power, and then they simply dispose of democracy, to wit Hitler, Mussolini, and of course Donald Trump.

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