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The Legacy of Flim-Flam
by Leah Sellers
2016-07-26 11:38:26
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tr01_400_02The Problem with Flim-Flam Energy is that it doesn’t just effect/affect things and folks that a Flim-Flammer may want it to.  It effects/affects Everything, much like King Midas encasing Everything and Everyone he touched in Gold.

Midas soon discovered that all that Glitters in Life is Not Gold, particularly when made Hard to Touch and Cold to Hold.
The Flim-Flammer eventually BeComes the Flim-Flammed.
Donald Trump has spent his Life being a Bulldozing Flim-Flammer.  In fact, he is a very Successful Bulldozing Flim-Flammer.  Most Good Salespeople are.  They are Seducers.  They want you to Buy A so that they can Get or Have B.  And they will do it by ‘Hook and/or Crook’ as long as you’re the one who gets Took.  That is their Primary Algorithm.
Now, you may already be interested in acquiring A, but they will still cover it with glitter and shine.  They will make it Bling and Sing a Siren’s Seductive Song for which you will longingly long.  And then, Flim-Flam-Thank-You-Sir-or-Ma’am you’re Hooked and Tooked.
You get A and the Flim-Flamming Flim-Flammer gets their B - The Payoff !
That’s the Flim-Flam Flim-Flammers Way.  It was tried-and-true Yesterday and Today, but who knows about any Tomorrows that come your Way.
The Republican Convention, now being held in the city of Cleveland, in the same state of Ohio that the Governor Kasich lives and governs within, and yet refuses to attend, because he cannot find it within himself to Support a Flim-Flam Man.
In fact, the Republican Convention is an interesting Lesson in the effect/affect of the Energies of Flim-Flamming.  It appears that if one wants to take the Required Delegate Signatures of Five States or More to the Floor for a Vote in order to Free the Delegates to Vote for Whom they really want to Vote for, as the RNC Rules state that they can, you can forget it.
The Flim-Flammers in Control of the Convention ’crushed’ them, and forced them down and off of the floor with their Denial.  Especially the state of Colorado’s Delegation, who harrumphed proudly off of the Floor without hesitation.
They Walked, because the Rule Process was abhorred and ignored.  The Flim-Flammers made themselves appear to be in the Right with Bullying Might.
The Flim-Flam complete some Delegates got to their feet and scrammed.  But they are stirring the all too murky waters of the Red Elephantine Convention, and maintaining attention on their Take of the Flim-Flamming Rule breaking rejection that brought about their momentary ejection.
And the Flim-Flamming Energies persist.  Melania Trump, a well intentioned and loyal spouse, gave a good presentation to millions in order to humanize Mr. Trump in some sparkling ways, only to be humiliated and Flim-Flammed herself by being given an unchecked Teleprompter Speech (that she said she primarily wrote herself) which has been branded - “Plagiarized”.  Who Played Who ?  It’s hard to tell in a World filled with Flim-Flamming Energies.
tr02_400And to make matters worse it was Plagiarized from one of the Trumps’ Nemesis’, the Honorable Michelle Obama.  The Plagiarized passages appear to have been taken almost word for word from First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 Speech about herself and her sparkling spouse, America’s most worthy President Obama.
The Flim-Flammed Speech Flim-Flammed the Republican Party and the Head Flim-Flammer, Mr. Trump, himself, and ultimately, his well intentioned spouse, Melania.
Yes, Flim-Flam begets Flim-Flam.
Such as America must waste Time, Effort and Treasure on building a Great Wall (because Mr. Trump is a Real Estate Developer), much like Ancient China’s or Ancient Hadrian’s Walls (only taller and bigger and with more bling), in order to keep the Immigrating Brown Scourge down South.  Because many of them are Rapists, Murderers and Criminals that steal American jobs.
The Flim-Flamming Wall for the Flim-Flamming Brown Scourge !
The Flim-Flamming NRA made Uber-Rich by the Fear Monger Boogie and the Let’s-Make-War-Krump, is now the Big Protective Brother of the American Public (instead of Calm and Thoughtful Communication and Uniting Communities).  And what is the Pacifier of American Fears and Hatreds ?  A Gun !  Murder, Mayhem and Chaos !  Social Dis-ruption, Cor-ruption, and possible eventual E-ruption !
The Flim-Flamming Racism, Bigotry, Misogyny, Anti-Science, Anti-Climate Change, Disabled Slamming, Stand-Your-Ground-And Shoot-”Em-Down, I-Only-Like-Veterans-Who-Were-Not-Captured-POWs, Did-You-Know-That-Women-Bleed, Let-The-Bullies-And-The Flim-Flammers-Rule-The-World Candidate is Donald Trump.  And oh, the hijacked and Flim-Flammed Republican Party’s Bad List just keeps on getting longer and thicker and meaner.
Donald Trump, yes, he’s our Flim-Flam Man.  He always Flim-Flams the Best and Hardest that any Flim-Flamming Flim-Flammer can !
So, all aboard into the Flim-Flammer Boat.  It always Blows its Horn while struggling to stay afloat.  The Flim-Flam Captain is at the Wheel turning and twisting away at every ‘Let’s Make a Deal’.  So, Root-a-toot-toot, hold onto the your Life Rings of Reality as best you can, and Hope upon Hope that you finally find stabilizing, grounding Land.

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