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Ieros Gamos (Sacred Matrimony)
by Gordana Mudri
2016-07-23 10:05:48
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Ierós Gámos (Sacred Matrimony)

There was something demonic in his appearance. Something mysterious and hypnotic that caught her eyes and she couldn't take them off. He was like a trap; like a lamp that attracts moths in the night; offering a warm, deadly embrace.

At first sight, everything about him was dark and dangerous. And exciting, all at the same time. Apart from his eyes. They were deep, dark sadness. They were so familiar. They were a mirror of her own soul.

Deep,  dark sea of sorrow.



She sailed alone.  She couldn't have heard the voices. Long since she stopped to listen. Many of them ripped her heart. She couldn't have seen the birds. Long since she stopped to watch. Many of them had fled, leaving her disappointed. She couldn't have seen the shore. Long since she stopped to look for it. She didn't want new wounds.

Her helm was useless. She didn't want to give it a purpose. She wanted to stop feel this cold wind. She wanted to disappear in the dark depth.


The same dark depth, hidden in those eyes filled with familiar demons.

His barely visible smile was a strange mixture of caution, discomfort and curiosity. It didn't seem natural. It was like something that doesn't belong to that person. The rampart that hides the truth. The dreaded boundary for uninvited visitors. A piece of liveliness on the frozen face. Delusion for the world. Defense. Something you don't dare to cross.

Until he started to talk.

His words were a  warm cloak that wrapped her wounded body. His words were gentle embrace that provided salvation.  She knew she would dive into this darkness, filled with common demons. She knew that she belongs there; in the dark embrace of her soul mate, in the flame that will burn her to the core.

She  rushed like a current, hitting on his soft shores. He was soaking all her pain without complaint, taking her fears away.  He was calming the storm of her waves, leading this tired ship into the harbour.    

Hundreds of his words as the hundreds of keys for hundreds rusty locks of her soul.


Eyes wide open, she was breathing free under the starry sky.

She had never been braver. She had never been more resolute.

She spread her wings and flew toward the light, leaving him behind with their demons hidden in his eyes. Alone.

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