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Why is there so much social conflict In America right now?
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2016-07-15 10:15:14
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Why is there so much social conflict In America right now?
By Righteous & AnonHQ

Since 5 officers were killed in Dallas last week, hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested and dozens more police officers have lost their lives or been injured at a protests against police brutality. Foreign countries are actually warning their citizens against traveling to the United States and even the United Nations warns ‘America suffers from deep systemic racism.’ The following article is not about these event in particular, but rather about what is perceived to be the deterioration of American society – leading to events like we have been witnessing recently.

condf01_400I am processing a million things in my mind all at once. Things like ISIS, the war in Syria, the global economy slowly failing; my mind goes to the political rise of Trump and all of the violence between police and society. I think about all the crazy people out there, all the conspiracy theorists telling us about the Illuminati controlling society and governments. I think about all the religious nuts telling us we are living in the end times, that all of this global madness can be explained as Gods will. I have seen it. I hear it. I have learned about it, but I am just not there. I am not on board with any of this.

But if none of this is an explanation, then why is all of this happening? Why are there so many people in this country and around the world struggling, and why does it feel like, despite all of societies advancements/capabilities, things are only getting worse? I am not going to sit here and pretend like I have the answer. I honestly don’t know and this only makes me more frustrated. But there are some simple question I can attempt to answer along the way.

I believe a lot of this is artificially created by the main stream media; irresponsible journalism in the name of attention grabbing and ratings. The news has become filled with over-inflated and sensationalized stories created merely for shock value and to hold peoples attentions. Inflammatory opinions are presented as political fact and extremist pundits are given their own national shows. There is no doubt, the liberal media has blood on their hands after the Dallas massacre for promoting extremist rhetoric and giving racist organizations like black lives such a large platform. But this is only part of the problem.

Here in America we have this notion of the “American Dream” and “American exceptionalism.” We, as born Americans, have been taught we are the greatest nation that we all deserve to prosper and have the best of things in life. We also live in a materialistic culture; people define their existence with our “things” and vanity. Put this together with an economy in decline, people no longer make enough money to keep up with mass inflation, yet, people still feel entitled to have more – but no way of actually receiving or getting more.

People like myself want change, but feel powerless to do anything. We feel like nothing more than ants and this pisses us off.

But there is also another side to the story.

Truth be told, we are (America is) an extremely self-entitled nation. When I look at Syria, or parts of Africa and the Middle East; applying some perspective, we are an absolutely spoiled people. Many people in America have not faced true adversity or hardship. People actually complain and protest about making 10$/hr, when people across Asia regularly make less than 1$/hr. We have running water, sewage systems and electricity flowing through every home, while people are dying of drought and famine around the world. Despite social outrage, Americans have surrounded themselves with their own protective bubbles – oblivious or indifferent to the world around us.

Why Have U.S. Left Wing and Right Wing Citizens have Become More Extreme over the Years?

Right now, we are suffering from gridlock within our government. When people ask why political opinion has become so extreme, this is at the root cause. Honestly, it might be my own political bias speaking, but I blame Obama for this. Not just because he is the leader of our nation, but because he has stated multiple times to ‘veto every bill the Republicans pass’ – and so he has.

This was in response to the Republicans gaining control of the House and Senate in the 2014 elections, power to which they have now used to opportunity to block every single piece of legislation put forth by Democrats – returning the favour to Obama. This, the political stalemate is known as the gridlock we all see today. Coming straight from the highest level of our government – our President – there is no middle ground, no room for negotiation, no compromise. There is only on way; whatever you happen to believe – everyone else is wrong. This has no doubt trickled down throughout society.

Then we have this notion of, and I hate to say it, as the term “rigged” has become over politicized, but of our “rigged system.” We look at someone like Hillary Clinton and people have known she was going to run for President for over 6 years now. It is no surprise to anyone, she is where she is today. The sad thing is that anyone who casts a vote for her in 2016 actually believes they made some sort of “choice.” The most dangerous thing is, that Hillary Clinton actually feels entitled to become the next President of this country. Can you imagine the level of narcissism that takes?

Trump, I feel, is a reflection of the deterioration of Western society; the dumbing down of America. He is nothing more than a loud mouth celebrity reality star, given a disproportionate amount of coverage and thrust into living rooms every night by the corporate media. In the society we live in, if the Democrats were dumb enough to throw Kim Kardashian or Beyonce on the ticket with Clinton, I honestly believe they would be winning, same as Trump is on the Republican side.

I read something the other week, which I think is most telling about this election. They call it “negative partisanship.” According to polls, over 50% of (the majority of people) say they are voting for Hillary because they oppose Trump – not because they support Hillary. At the same exact time, over 50% of people also say they will vote for Trump because they oppose Hillary – not because they support Trump. It is literally the first time in the history of this country that anyone has seen data like this. It is such a shame.

I am honestly curious about other people’s thoughts on the matter. I understand this article presents no solutions, only opinions – opinions you may very well disagree with. I do not have the answers on how to save the world or change society. Is it even possible? The answer to this question, fails to present itself. All I know is that something is not right with this world, and I just can’t quite put a finger on what it is or what anyone can do to fix it….


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Emanuel Paparella of the 2016-07-16 00:00:21
Righteous and AnonHQ,

you claim not to have a prognosis, in fact you state that you doubt that one is even possible, but then offer a multifaceted diagnosis of the problem of Western Civilization and the US in particular. I suppose that’s good in itself; a diagnosis should always precede a prognosis or one ends up as a revolutionary or rebel without a real cause…; it is also good to “get it off your chest” as stated on top of the Ovi magazine comment section, which, alas, remains empty at least 90% of the times…I suppose most non-participants are content with their lives and have nothing to get off their chest, or perhaps their apathy is a sign that they simply don’t care one way or the other. How else is one to interpret it? After all Ovi is not a magazine of psychology or drama review, to facilitate people getting things off their chest in a cathartic mode, but more of a symposium built on the principle of freedom of speech and rational exchange of ideas. It has a fundamental trust in the ability of the mind to arrive at Truth. If it is not that, I joined in vain, for to be cynical about that is to have been defeated from the start. I am convinced that such is the reason why people ought to join and participate in a magazine of opinion; to present and debate their opinion but not commit the typically modern fallacy of believing that any opinion is as good and valid as any other, that one is entitled to one's ignorance as others are entitled to their knowledge. Sadly, the empty comment sections are not a good sign in any magazine, in this regard. But to join the team (the contributors, in fact, are called “the Ovi team,” implying sincere conviviality…) but then just remain a passive observer or reader, is to have erased half of its purpose and to have made the very idea of a symposium a mockery, a mutual admiration society of sorts; for a symposium is by its very nature dialogic; when it is not, it degenerates into a diatribe which enthusiastically welcomes only those who agree with our pet theories. At that point it runs the danger of becoming a monologue, or sheer propaganda, or worse.
The upshot of it all, I suppose, is what the father of Western philosophy pointed out time and again in his ethical considerations: a diagnosis without a prognosis runs the risk of becoming sterile and leading to cynicism and despair. It can actually be quite dangerous. All it takes for a society to destroy itself is for its good men to do nothing and leave the field to those with intense passion and commitment to what is not good, not beautiful and not true; that is to say, to stick with the diagnosis and remain oblivious of the prognosis, refusing to at the very least suggest ways and means to remedy the evil that has been diagnosed.

Emanuel Paparella2016-07-17 03:06:17
Regarding the blaming of President Obama for the abysmal legislative failures of this present congress, here are the facts which can be easily checked, for to begin with false premises logically means that one will arrive at wrong conclusions too. President Obama has used the veto power over bills passed by Congress four times, the lowest of any president since 1973. President Bush the father used it 44 times, his son Bush the second used it 12 times; Clinton used it 37 times. The average veto rate since 1973 is 1.9% vis a vis all the bills presented to the president; for Obama it was 0.1%. The average rate of vetoes vis a vis all bills presented to the president is 3%; for Obama it was 1.4%. Considering those facts, it is hardly fair to blame him for the obstinate obstruction going on in Congress.

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