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Theresa May not even be a mini-Maggie
by Thanos Kalamidas
2016-07-13 10:41:08
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Theresa May has loved the last few weeks seen her name next to Margaret Thatcher’s. She has been actually dreaming of it since she was a college student. But there is nothing Thatcher about May. Margaret Thatcher was the swan song of a dying empire falling in grace. Theresa May is the beginning of the end of a Great Britain in decline. Huge difference.

ter01_400_04Margaret Thatcher was a hard-core conservative who took capitalism as her stand in life and served it in both, her private and public life. For her the poor where there to serve and even die for the greatness of the country and the rich were there to lead. Exception just prove the rule. Her idealism was solid and her practices firm and without prejudice; the poor were poor regardless colour, religion, ethnicity or whatever else, the rich were growth. North England, Scotland and Wales have experience all that.

However bad all these might sound, it is unfair to compare a true conservative Thatcher with the far-right May, mostly for Maggie. Margaret Thatcher was a creation of her time and environment. A making of a lower middle class upbringing that wanted more than a well-established and definitely profitable grocery. They wanted everything a well-established and profitable grocery owner wants. Cheap labour, dark ages working conditions, negotiation breaks with a wide supplier’s front and a huge constantly consuming market. Then, every Sunday adding a few pennies in the tray, they could ease their conscious with what they had done for the rest of the week, buying forgiveness from their local vicar. Think of it, Margaret Thatcher as a Prime minister fulfilled with military discipline and precise, everything her family’s profile, dreamed and idealized off.

But that was post-WWII Margaret thatcher, not 1970s Theresa May. May grew up learning about choices. It was not the interests of her vicar father who led her in the conservative party but her own choices and it was not Margaret Thatcher who made her a hard-core right winger, it was her choices again. Actually her environment – including the very different of Maggie’s era Oxfordian – motivated her to make choices and search for ambitions.

Of course you cannot really judge how Theresa May will be when she moves in Dawning street and there is always the wishful thought that people with more understanding and tolerance will surround her, but still Theresa has shown us a lot of signs of what she’s made from.

Back in 2011, May claimed that an EU legislation about immigration, makes it far too easy for those facing deportation to remain in the UK saying that: an illegal immigrant cannot be deported because – and I am not making this up – he had a pet cat." It might sound funny, but think of it. In what extent of lies this woman went to persuade her audience, to dramatize a situation and the same time build a hate feeling towards an immigrant with …a pet! This only shows how disturbed person is taking over Britain this minute.

ter02_400Theresa May has promised to …negotiate Brexit. What does negotiate in this case means, only Theresa knows since exit was a choice. There is nothing to negotiate. Britain chose to exit despite all arguments. Period. You collect what is yours say goodbye and if you want keep us in Christmas wishes-card list. That’s it. Negotiate what? But Theresa has a plan and she has hint it by indirectly calling immigration issues. She talks about clearance among the EU immigrants. So, how this clearance works for Theresa? White, blonde, Christian Scandinavians with degrees from Oxford are welcome to stay, the rest are out? Especially Pols, Romanians, Bulgarians and southern Europeans in general? But this sounds prejudice if not racist; so how is it going to work? And what about Indians, Pakistanis for example who oddly most of the brexitists thought that they are going to leave Britain the morning of the Brexit?

But let’s stick with the EU citizens May wants to deport. How she’s going to do it. Organize a pogrom? Of course no. May thinks that in her illusion for profitable negotiations with EU, the European immigrants are a negotiation chip. She thinks. She thinks that she can hold hostage Europe with 3 million European hostages. That’s what she thinks. What about the over million British who live this moment in EU? 35,000 registered British citizens, born in Britain live this minute in Poland. Attention in the word “register”. 5,000 registered British citizens, born in Britain live this minute in Bulgaria. 3,000 registered British citizens, born in Britain live this minute in Romania. In what limbo situation these people have come after Brexit and how worst it will get when Theresa will hold Pols, Bulgarians and Romanians as hostages.

I suppose the 25,000 in protestant Sweden and 255.000 in catholic Ireland are safe but what about the 65,000 in Italy, the 18,000 in Greece and the 41,000 in Cyprus? Still talking about REGISTERED citizens and as you can imagine the real numbers are much higher. I don’t know why but while writing that, Saddam’s face keep poking in my mind. Perhaps the indirect hints of hostages doing it.

Or is it the constant hint that without Britain, Russia will invade Europe in a minute? Seriously? And where did Theresa have the information? From Donald Trump or Tony Blair? Or even better, from Sarah Palin who’s watching the Russian army from her kitchen window?

Theresa May has often in the past target and attack the European Convention for Human Rights. Actually this is the most valuable part of the EU and the one straight from its fundamental values which we all hope and wish EU will return. The Convention guarantees equal justice for all, women’s rights, workers’ rights, religion rights, immigrants’ rights, all the things every democratic society values. Not Theresa May. Theresa May has issues with the …immigrant’s cat!

Theresa May has for long time shown a face of a far-right, authoritarian, prejudice, everything Margaret Thatcher hated, tomorrow as a Prime Minister she might pretend that she’s something anew but the truth is that she is the known anew that this minute drives the whole world in an unknown era. Mini and bigger Theresas are coming from both sides of the ocean creating a very scary and worrisome future and I’m afraid her presence in the Downing Street will trigger more divide. It’s her antagonistic self that will motivate it.

A few hours ago Theresa May, reinsured everybody that she will remain Prime minister till 2020. Let’s hope that advisers, opposition and backbencher will act on that because even though Britain is still Great, political decisions can make her very small. And an authoritarian antagonistic far-right PM can do only that.


P.S. Ambition in life to become ...Denis? That gave me a smile with Mr Theresa May!!!

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Emanuel Paparella2016-07-13 22:52:07
As per above reflection there is an intriguing parallel fast at work which seems to apply on both sides of the Atlantic. In the 70s and 80s we had the bizarre phenomenon of Reagan and Thatcher’s leadership characterized by union busting, a heartless kind of capitalism, a return to rabid nationalism parading as patriotism, dramatic lowering of taxes for the rich who more than doubled their income, a general stagnation of middle class income despite their increased productivity… Most glaring of all, a trade policy favoring corporations and catering to a global economy, again favoring the rich and unfavorable to the working class. A militancy ready to send half the British navy to sacrifice thousands of young lives, to fight for two rocks in the Atlantic next to Argentina. A mitigating consideration was that the two were attempting to make their countries great again; to resurrect the myth of imperial-colonial exceptionalism and nostalgia, the white man’s civilizing burden. The result however was a terrible recession almost turning into a depression when the bankers had to be given welfare money and rescued with taxpayers’ money.

Having learned nothing, this time around we have the very same phenomenon happening before our eyes, with a vengeance, that is to say, marred by sheer xenophobia and racism ready and willing to deport and send home even those naturalized citizens not born in the country. We will perhaps be treated to the shabby spectacle of the “glorious” duo May/Trump who will bring back a nostalgia for past triumphalism of the democratic system, turned however into social injustice and regress and a shameful performance on the world stage. Again, a nostalgic but impossible dream: law and order devoid of justice. God save the queen, and democracy too! Britain the great and America the beautiful may become the lesser and the ugly. It’s happened before: it was called the Roman Republic and Empire.

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