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Amna's Girls
by David Sparenberg
2016-07-11 11:09:57
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Amna's Girls*

Dear God (Lord of Hosts),
those beautiful little girls in Gaza that sweet hearted Amna embroiders her love with!  How many of these Palestinian angels are politically fated for premature, a violent death by gun or bomb?

What of my grandson, Robin, with all that is against him?  A gentle and a happy child, footing on, like spring lamb, through a silent, autistic reality.kids01_400

Too, what of Eveline, of mixed race: bright eyed, long limbed, beautiful Eveline, with her charming smile and shapely hands?  What of Evie and her little, theatrical friend, Sophia?
What of the Swedish twins, Max and Josh—spikey haired Josh!—both rollicking, good natured boys?  I doubt if there is a trace of war inside these brothers.  Why should there be?

What of Avery, lovely Avery: compact, swift, tender and radiant with energy?  Avery the wise, of commanding spirit, witty and spontaneous with joy.
What does life hold for these few named and the others whose names I don’t yet know?  The many more who come to play in neighborhoods and dreams.

Will big folk, holding power, learn in time and change?  Will there be clean places for little faces, sufficient food and plentiful water; an infinity of hugs, without fear, an eternity of love, without hatred?
What about kids of nations?  What about the earthen angels, Lord (God of Hosts)?  Will there be for them security and freedom?  What do you say?  Will must I say to you?  What will you say to me?  Will there be peace?

* Peace activist and textile artist, Amna Mohammed is a 26 year old Palestinian who embroiders dresses for women and children.

David Sparenberg
28 June 2016


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Emanuel Paparella2016-07-11 15:50:50
At the risk of sounding irreverent, if I may hazard and answer that the Lord of Hosts may possibly offer to our anxious question: "Peace is not a free gift to be rained upon men indiscriminately by a Santa Claus in the sky; it flourishes where there are men of good will who work for justice; it is a gift but it needs to be earned. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!"

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