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Lost Eternity of the Sea
by Nikos Laios
2016-06-27 10:25:01
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Lost Eternity of the Sea

The ocean seethed
With furrowed brows,
Salty fingers lingering
Dancing on the shore;
Gimg_1512_moonlight_reflections_400reen brine churning,
Droplets of sea spray
Splashing the faces
Of the crew as the
Stained metallic prow
Of their tuna boat
Cleaved the foaming
Waves in two.

The seagulls flocking
And circling above under
The chalky blue sky,
Diving then hovering
Over the white flecked
Angry waves plucking
Morsels from the sea.

How many generations
Of men have sailed the
Seas travelling its liquid
Roads in search of food,
Adventure, and salvation?

O mother ocean,
You provide so
For your children,
Suckling at your
Glistening teats.

Yet now in
The industrial
Age of man the
Plentiful bounty
Of your oceans are
Awash with glass,
Paper and plastic;
All swirling among
The leathery green
Seaweed and the
Majestic silent sentinels
Of the sea, the whales
Floating like zeppelins
In the deep.

For how
Long will you
Furrow your
Or dance
Like a mermaid
On our golden shores?

They will say
One day, o how the
Oceans must have been?
The things they must have seen?
In the lost eternity of the sea.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios

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