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Black Juliet
by David Sparenberg
2016-06-25 10:09:04
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Black Juliet
She was black —African black— and beautiful.  Desire had sculpted her body; sweetness had refuge in her face.
afr01_400_04The white man fell in love with her instantly.  Love was a moth drawn to a flame.
White folk did not recognize her beauty.  No one but one touched the light that was her soul.
Black folk did not trust him, not his whiteness or his love.  Love was a moth drawn to a flame.                    
How tenderly they whispered to each other; how gentle were the movements of their union!
O river of time, dividing day from night, separating night and day!  River of crime and hatred.  River of hate and blood.
Love was a wine glass lifting eternity to their mouths.  Love was a moth
drawn to a bitter flame.
How much red wine is spilling on the earth; how many ashen wings are falling from the sky?  Falling day and night, falling
night and day…
David Sparenberg
14 June 2016


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