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The ten commandments of surviving in the new economy
by Jay Gutman
2016-06-19 10:22:26
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The ten commandments of surviving in the new economy

Commandment 1: You will need a vast repertoire regardless of your job. New jobs require constant adaptations to new technologies. If you’re a musician, pitch and practicing vowels and vocals is no longer enough. You need to memorize and practice thousands of songs and get a feel for your audience. If you’re a salesman you need to study the features of thousands of products and be able to answer questions regarding old and new products. If you’re a farmer you need to be familiar with old and new farming techniques, thousands of them.

econmny01_400Commandment 2: Stop uploading pictures and sarcastic or witty status updates on social media. Start contacting your friends, joining groups, and asking people how their weekends went. Your clients don’t care about what you had for lunch last weekend, but they don’t want conversations with you to be awkward.

Commandment 3: If your boss insists you should spend 60 hours in the office, don’t sign that contract. You need free time to practice commandment 1 and commandment 2.

Commandment 4: Teach, don’t shout. Ban the phrase “I will only say this once.” In most religions, things need to be said three times to be legally binding. The more you repeat, the more likely they will learn and understand.

Commandment 5: The average person isn’t a genius. Be simple and concise. Until the end of World War 1, advertisements and newspaper articles used to be pages long. Then studies showed the average person didn’t read more than 20 words a day. Focus on the headlines.

Commandment 6: Don’t focus on the credentials. Focus on the repertoire. If you do decide to get a degree, learn as much as you can.

Commandment 7: Work is mostly improvisation. That’s why you need to be familiar with a long list of scenarios that might emerge. The more you know, the easier it will be to improvise.

Commandment 8: It’s all about chemistry. Your boss hires you but you also hire your boss. Your boss, your team and yourself need complementary repertoires. Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan couldn’t play on the same team.

Commandment 9:  People with vast repertoires know how to contextualize. If you’re a fashion designer and the only thing you know about fashion is your wardrobe you’re in trouble.

Commandment 10: Sell local, create global. Broccoli soup, pizza, humus and sushi probably did not originate in your hometown, but sell pretty much everywhere. But if you aim for clients around the world, you should probably know that even when it comes to online shopping, people shop in websites based in their home country or hometown, probably because of the faster and more reliable delivery, also probably because it’s easier for them to sue you if you don’t deliver.


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