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by David Sparenberg
2016-06-18 11:02:52
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Through all of suffering (and life is long and often hard), the brave stand strong.  Before the beauty that soars beyond the limitations of time and circumstances, tears are copious and exceed control.

One hears a song, sees a smile, feels what is in a look and is drawn into the circus of life by a blue bird, or by laughter.

aria01_400I listen to Laure Bretan, 13 years old singing opera, and am overwhelmed by the entire pathos and ever multiplying longing that, when pretense and false posturing has fallen, is the breaking heart and the embracing shared soul of humanity.

One can never love this world enough, in spite of all unlovable, and I am bowed and guilty with this failure to love, to deliverance, to liberation, and bring, if not exactly salvation (the voice of this girl has brought salvation in the dove of a sacred moment)…if not salvation to us, in the old grand expectation, then at least the touching tender of lips on perfumes of living flesh, and the holding of hands.


David Sparenberg
1 Jun3 2016

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Emanuel Paparella2016-06-18 11:37:34
Exquisite poem, reminiscent of the Song of Songs and Dante's exclamation as he looks at the earth from the moon: "And I saw that beautiful garden which makes us such savages to one another."

Juan Villalobos2016-06-22 01:25:13
Thank you for this beautiful piece, David.

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