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Each Ultimate Act of Beauty
by David Sparenberg
2016-06-11 12:04:59
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For you God takes the shape of your making.  This is your prayer.  The prayer that arises from the depth of the soul.  Without this prayer God is shapeless and not a presence, and cannot be revealed to you in a way you open before and understand.
beau01_400When your soul’s prayer is for justice, then God becomes known as foundation of the gratuitous justice of creation and you perceive God in the diversity of Earth.  Your passion (as the longing of your faith) is for truth: truth is sustained by compassion.
When your soul’s prayer is for freedom, then God becomes for you the Liberator and Light who guides you, and those who share with you the longing for freedom.  This you grow into, experiencing the pathos-vital throughout creation.
When your soul’s prayer is for love, then God becomes known to you as the Holy Spark of Divine Love and the Poetry of Being.  The endlessness of possibilities of generosity and kindness, for singing the world as a winged or as a wounded love song, becomes the shape of your God of Love.  Then you spontaneously enter into the opera of all sentient beings.
When your soul’s prayer is courage and that courage grows from the seed of humility, alive in the fertility of humility and acceptance, then your God awaits your surrender as a bearer of peace and pathfinding spirit warrior.  If you say to others that God is Great, in your heart you are shaping and praising the excesses of God, the ambient beauty, and the greatness unto awe and ecstasy of God’s Holy Humility.  This is God as the Ancient of Days.
God cannot be for you with you giving shape to God’s Presence without your prayer—each prayer that is truth-force for you and is your intimate mirroring of God, and the way of your meeting the One who desires you.
David Sparenberg
19 May 2016


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