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How Trump got so far
by Jay Gutman
2016-05-26 09:33:39
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It’s all about community leadership. Before the Internet, most counties and cities organized around organizations and communities that had leaders who were close to most community members. Communities could be political or religious, but could also be interest-based, labor-based or leisure-based communities.

trum01_400_01Communities were local or national, had chapters and local elected officials and members who helped organize events. People met during weekdays or on weekends, and had more or less predictable structures and calendars of events.

When American politicians campaigned, they had their lists of community leaders they wanted to talk to and organizations they wanted to visit. Then communities felt more comfortable holding events on social media, before they stopped meeting all together.

Campaigning is expensive. Usually the larger the organization, the more presidential candidates could gain potential voters. Let’s call a spade a spade, I’m not sure, but I have the strong feeling that political parties in the US are broke, can’t rely on organizations for funds like they used to, and only those who can afford to campaign are campaigning.

Here’s how an organization works. Let’s call it the National Pizza Organization or NPO, and let’s say it claims 10 million members nationwide. Members pay 50 dollar a year membership fees and 10 dollar event fees where they get to enjoy pizza and beer, exchange pizza recipes, discuss the best markets for pizza and how set up pizza places and have conferences on pizza.

The National Pizza Organization will donate to the candidate that will make the most favorable promises to small business and have the best policies on cheese, dough and tomato sauce. The NPO will have its preferred candidate and may informally encourage members to donate to such or such candidate. Except that now a lot of the members are ordering pizza and would rather watch youtube than catch up with the buddies at the NPO every Friday night over pizza and beer.

Club and organization membership in the United States and elsewhere has declined significantly and political parties around the world are struggling to gain funds. The Internet has made campaigning too expensive. In the 1950s it didn’t matter if you work a gray suit, a brown suit or a dark suit, back then there were few cameras and the colors didn’t reflect that well. Candidates read their speeches, you didn’t need prompters and screens and electric banners, didn’t need professional photographers, and renting a hall or stadium was a lot cheaper, so was buying newspaper ads.

In one sentence: it’s become a lot harder to collect donations and a lot more expensive to run campaigns, and political parties have cash trouble. Will this be an era where billionaire politicians run the world because your average politician can’t afford to campaign? Interest-based groups and associations, including pizza-based associations, were the backbone of politics, and so was the local smoke-hazed bar. Now that youtube and take away food has taken over associations, I doubt that any average politician can find a solid base to raise funds.   

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Emanuel Paparella2016-05-26 10:42:55
The war of the Titans: Trump vs Sanders. Who will win? Time will tell but the omens are not very good and Marx must be turning in his grave.

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