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Barely a Portrait, Images, Transitions
by Michael Lee Johnson
2016-05-22 09:47:39
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Barely a Portrait, Images, Transitions
(Niles High School, Niles, Michigan)
You will find her here blowing soap bubbles,
chewing gum cigars, old time candy and toy ass radio player.
Sara is still a cheerleader in mind,
chest player beast bare in pink station wagon,
front seats laded back.
Everything exposed was pink in 1965, popular.
Everyone high up was chest player academically,
low-end checker players were at miniature golf,
beneath blankets at US 31 outdoor theaters.
High school is a status golden whore passing daily in the hallways.
Sara flute blower in narrow dark and stashed in lover's lane,
the Junior prom never ended, the Senior prom never began.
Shades off, make-up smeared past midnight, broken gold chains, class rings lost,
class sweaters returned to sender, address unknown,
sex a touch and feel, poetic review, times.


Michael Lee Johnson kindly made available for us an audio, reading of the poem. You can listen to it, HERE!




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