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A Soul's Burning Yearning
by Leah Sellers
2016-04-21 09:58:04
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A Soul's Burning Yearning
Long Standing little Cruelties
Wear you down
Break you down
Bring you to deep Suffering and Despair
lea01_400_03Drip, drip R-r-r-r-r-ip
At the Seams of a Heart, Mind and Soul
Can turn a Being into a Weary Wanderer
Wondering what the Purpose
That they were so-o-o-o certain of
At one Time in this Life really Is ?
Or ever really Was ?
Or ever is really To Be ?
A Questing Sojourner
Searching to Define
And Re-Define
And Re-Re-Define
What the Meanings and Purposes
Of their particular little Energy Form is all about
“This little Light of Mine
I’m gonna’ let it Shine”
But first
I’ve gotta’ get out from underneath
This dark, heavy and suffocating Bushel
I’m EnSlaved under and within
Then I can Begin
I Can Begin
Perhaps, if my Life Force
Burns Brightly and Elucidatingly enough
I can Burn
This ‘ole EnSlaving Bushel
Down to the ground
To Flying, Floating cinder and dust
And Escape to
Fresh Air
Freedom of Movement and Thought
And the Great Sparkling Cosmos
Surrounding little ‘ole me
Just me
Prick, stick and lick the wounds
That Bind me
And hold me down and away
From parts of my Brighter
More Noble
More Loving
More Kinetic and Truer Self
That Self that I put on the Shelf
Because I grew tired and discomfited
By Constant Cruelties and Disappointments
Great and Small
Of MySelf and Others
Or the Gravitational Pulls and Pushes
Of Energetic Caprice
That grab hold of our Life Forces
From Time to Time
With no apparent Reason or Rhyme
Of course
The Blame Game has value sometimes
Name the supposed Villain
The Dis-ease
The Dis-energy
Call it Out
And put on the squeeze
But the tease
The Rub is in the Knowing
Because to Change
To Transform
To yearningly Burn
The Knowing must be Acted upon
And oh, those who are weary and worn
Loose the Ability to Act
And that is why we Need
Why we Seek out and Seek to Be
To ignite our little Lights
Into Brilliant Flames
Of the Resurrecting
And Re-Resurrecting
And Re-Re-Resurrecting Transformative Phoenix
A Soul’s Burning Yearning for……………

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Emanuel Paparella2016-04-21 11:19:12
Thanks for the inspiring sharing Leah. Indeed as Campbell and Jung also expressed it the journey into the self is the universal archetypes of all humans yearning for a more fulfilling life, which I suppose is all of us. The trick is, of course, to take that first step as Dante did and he ended up writing the Divine Comedy.

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