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A Thought: a common man's theory of God and the Universe
by Bohdan Yuri
2016-04-21 09:58:28
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Now that science is advancing our knowledge of life in the universe perhaps we should take a look at the basic elements that make up our existence. And since this is a common man's theory this will require no scientific data to prove or disprove. It is simply - A Thought.

We're living in an astonishing age of discovery. Science has recently taken us from the smashing of particles to the far reaches of space, anxiously awaiting the next step beyond. Yet our thoughts on God are stuck in their most primitive of conjectures, still influencing our present and future.

It is our inability to see God's image that has painted "Him" as humanly (Judea- Christian, and all the gods in between) or as an in descript wind spirit (Native Americans) so as not to worship false images, perhaps the safest and easiest choice. Yet to truly understand God's full aspect we would have to be God....and we are not. But we are a part of his Thought. We are all fashioned in the image of God's choice of Thought. Above all, God is our Creator!

Yes, God is invisible to our eyes and thoughts but that doesn't mean that God has no form.

boh01_400And here allow me to use the visual image of a summer storm cloud hovering in the distance surrounded by clear skies. (Just a ball of dark grayish cloud).

Depending on the circumstance that cloud can be affected by temperatures, winds and various natural factors that can turn that cloud into a chaotic violent force ---or, that simple cloud can remain somewhat stable and simply show off its tranquil light show in the form of heat lightning.

It's well known that "...all life is formed from the chaos within", so we'll save that kind of cloud for later. For now let's concentrate on the heat lightning.

Most all have seen such a cloud at one time one another. It can display its quiet lightning flashes either in long streaks or if within, inside, then with bright flashing bursts, and never reaching the ground. Well imagine each one of those bursts as a Thought from God creating separate universes. And as such with each burst lasting eons, God's timetable. Now expand that cloud to cover all of existence --- Infinity, and throughout within any number of operating universes and there you have it ---ALL of Existence.

Remember, that cloud had elements within it that gave birth to that lightning and God too has elements from which God can gather and process the variables of existence.  And that's where dark matter may play a part.

Yes dark matter provides the very stuff from which God's spark molds its universe. I believe that dark matter is the soup of all particles capable of being --- in its absolute smallest form, near invisible to our view. And the dark energy that permeates throughout is the current upon which the switch (Thought) sparks its existence. Look at all of life around us, including our own circuitries. The similarities of logic send our thought into these same areas of belief. Our existence IS our thought..... sparked to create within our limits though.

It is our religions that confuse us and turn us into self-righteous monsters for the sake of all the gods we've fashioned through the years. Power, Hate, and Greed, they have been our true gods throughout history and they still are. But to understand where we are, what we are, perhaps that search would allow us to search the truest meaning of existence ....acquiring the knowledge to understand ourselves.

We are but a thought, invisible to the naked eye; it is only our bodies that prove our existence. Why can't God be the same. God is dormant until the spark of a thought sends God's universe into existence. It can be a spontaneous thought or a well thought out one. Our universe has three dimensions, imagine one with twenty...possible in God's mind.

As for the "Light" to which all dead souls seem to gravitate, could it possibly be the actual "Spark of God's Thought" from which OUR universe was created? And within that spark, behind it, in its invisible state is God's playground --- God's memory, and ours.

But many of you still need a reason for God to be such as God is. Why the pain, why the sorrow, and the cruelty. If God is omniscient and omnipotent then why bother, God knows the outcome, we have no choice our roles are set, why bother? Spare us the pain...?

Then I would ask, if it's a good play or movie would you still go and watch them after reading the script? If it's a good show, of course you would, even if it made you cry. Why should God be any different. And if WE knew our future, half of us wouldn't want to play out the tragedy. So we actually do choose our own destiny...within an improve format for US only.

Nevertheless, God's control factor in this universe is singularly phenomenal. God is the Writer, Director, Set Designer, et al. Depending on the viewpoint God can even be the actor, (didn't we claim Jesus played the role?). But above all, God is simply the Creator, and even an audience member. Is that such a bad way of seeing God? I don't think so. I suppose it's what makes as all human, even God,

As for black holes, I can only speculate that they are a portal to that sea of dark matter as galaxies recycle themselves but I'll never be able to prove that theory, nor would anyone else, until they go inside one. As for why we don't see more dark matter in OUR universe, because as light expands it fills space and dark matter is dissipated, used up, thus also the reason why remnants can still float around.

Near the edge of space, I assume you'll find dark matter closer to its original form (same as in that black hole?).  As for why haven't we seen it, because we haven't yet developed the instruments to detect and measure dark matter's infinitesimal composition, and why, because we probably don't know the way. Remember how dark space was before the telescopes showed us the beauty of measured space?

Unfortunately, I doubt if we as a civilization will ever be able shed our primitive instincts which send us into combative conflict. That's how our species survived thus far. But with knowledge comes a closer understanding to how we should be and perhaps will be.

And so we choose....

There you have it, my concept of God and the Universe. Believe it or not!


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Emanuel Paparella2016-04-21 11:13:41
Intriguing and insightful thoughts on the image of God, thank you for sharing; certainly more exciting than Aristotle's conception of God as “the first cause” or “prime mover.”

In the sixties many college students were reading Marcuse’s Eros and Civilization and some of them, called hippies, tried the advise contained therein: make love, not war; they protested the Vietnam war and then went west to California and founded communes. They all failed, except those who had a religious underpinning of sorts. They had mistaken lust for love and thought that freedom has no responsibility for the common good. There is a moral to that story of the 60s which is perennial and which has echoes of Augustine and Einstein’s affirmations that the universe is a thought in the mind of God as well hinted and intuited in the above piece.

Augustine also said “love and do what you wish” which come to think of it is the essence of Christianity, not a myth invented by twelve ignorant Jewish fishermen who were willing to die for it, a la Socrates, not a myth like any other myth, but an event impacting human history and changing it forever, the way a Zeus or an Odin or a Thor will never do. God, a providential God, with us? Indeed we must choose to be idolaters and narcissists and make God in our own image or accept the fact that we have not made the universe, that we are creatures and therefore we can only understand fully what we ourselves have made.

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