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No Name Poem
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2016-04-12 10:21:33
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No Name Poem

At the coroner’s office the doctors couldn’t get over it.
They were in a kind of shock, and wondering.
“It’s unbelievable!” said one of them.
“There was no reason for it. The guy just died, and we could not establish why.”

sun01_400_01They all hung their heads in silence.
“We couldn’t find a single thing in the autopsy,”
said the coroner himself: “I never saw this before.”

The disjointure annoyed them and puzzled them.
The man, still nameless, had come home early from work,
sat down in his easy chair and never got up from it.
Two days later his housekeeper found him still sitting there, the T.V. blaring.

He had begun to stink.
The guys in the morgue thought it would be routine.
A cause of death was evading them; the dead man evading.
There wasn’t even a history.

They put out a circular to all the hospitals, the other agencies
to try to learn his name or history or medical history, or something.
This man an affront to modern medicine, all right.

Somewhere, in a city far far away, a young woman was watching T.V.
And what do you think comes on?
A picture of the dead man with a query for information that would identify him.
She does not recognize her father because last time she saw him he was younger and had hair.

The process of letting go had been going on for years.
All the tension and weariness and heartache were working, though no one could know it.
The synapses in the nervous system; the ligaments in the joints;
the thinning muscles in the heart; the blood, too.

All these things and more were coming apart,
apart like him and his daughter,
whom he had not heard from in twenty years.
Now he lies in his grave, at a place he never heard of.
His fate was his alone, no one to share it with.

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Gerard Farley2016-05-08 17:01:02
Thank you, Emanuel, for sharing Larry's poem. This summer I intend to respond to other items published in Ovi that you have forwarded to me. What a wonderful discovery Ovi is for me. It's great too that Ovi has published Larry's very moving poem.

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