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My United Nations Secretary General Candidacy - Part II
by Jay Gutman
2016-04-09 11:57:53
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Akli Hadid’s profile: I was born in the United States and raised in Algeria, Mozambique, Colombia and Turkey as the son of Algeria expatriates. Unlike most expatriates, I assimilated to the local cultures fully and mixed with the locals.

I studied in Nanterre, France and near Seoul, South Korea. As a student, I mixed with Anarchist, Communist, Socialist, Social democrat, liberal, moderate Right Wing and anti-racist organizations without joining any of them. I was close to South Korean groups who favored détente with Pyeongyang and to different socialist and social-democratic groups in South Korea, as well as to groups of all faiths and religions.

unii01_400Since 2008, I spent 8 years unsuccessfully applying for jobs. Under my tenure as Secretary General, I will make sure that anyone like myself who is well versed in international relations and speak several languages perfectly will get a job if they apply, and will make sure that such people will hold important positions so they can be retained during their tenure. I will also make sure that all those who think they have something to bring to the organization can join, or have their voices heard.

Akli Hadid’s platform: Staff retention and job satisfaction at the United Nations is an issue of utmost importance to me. Under my tenure, clear and open communication will be guaranteed and staff will work together cordially.

The United Nations is the only organization that has united every state and territory in the world, either as full members or as observers. I will make sure that effective communication will take place for emergency relief work and conflict mediation.

Staff retention is important to me as the longer staff stays, the more expertise they gain. I do want UN staff to grow constantly and I don’t want them to get bored, complacent or authoritarian with their jobs, nor do I want them to bend rules.

I also hope to unite the very best communicators when it comes to our programs in education, science, technology, development, industrial development, agricultural development, food emergency relief or refugees among others. I want a good balance between communication and action. Of course action is important, but the concerned parties also need clear communication as they need to know what we have to offer them.

Under my tenure reports will be concise, complete and clear. UN reports should be easy to read and should not burden readers. French and English will be given equal status and all reports will be available in both French and English. To me a concise report is one that does not exceed a few pages, anything over that technically warrants a separate specialized report, otherwise few people bother reading it. Staff will be trained to write clearly, concisely and providing the complete information.

Microphones will but cut if xenophobic, homophobic, revisionist, sexist or any other provocative statements of any kind are made during my tenure within the organization.

Finally I hope the United Nations will continue to be sought after by leaders and regarded as a serious organization. I, along with long-term collaborators will hopefully put the organization on the forefront of global debates and help the organization meet the world’s new, completely different set of challenges.

Regarding two issues which over which the press has been questioning the candidates here are my answers.

Regarding the outbreak of cholera in Haiti allegedly caused by UN staff negligence, I am appalled at the new low in level our reputation has reached. In the old days countries used to come to us for help when they had cholera outbreaks, and we would send them WHO staff and coordinate responses within the UN and with INGOs. Now Haiti wants us to compensate their cholera victims for malpractice. They wouldn’t have done so if they hadn’t felt our emergency response level was mediocre. What we can do is gain back our spirits and work like we used to, be trying to be as efficient and effective as we can on the field.

Regarding the refugee crisis in Europe and worldwide, here’s what we have: millions of refugees have flocked to Europe either fleeing war or looking for a better life. There have been lots of good Samaritans, UNHCR being one of them, who helped refugees find temporary food and shelter. Other good Samaritans helped them find jobs, food, shelter, schools for their children and settle in the country temporarily or semi-permanently, including by helping them start businesses or employing them in legitimate jobs. I also think we need to thank the hundreds of charitable NGOs from around the world who are doing their part helping the refugees.

There have been bad Samaritans as well, and the question of human trafficking is a worrying one that needs a response. Furthermore, we need to find solutions for the middle-term or long term. In the 1960s France welcome its refugees from Algeria by building emergency housing units and training the rapatriés d’Algérie to adapt. Israel has had a tradition of welcoming refugees and other olim since its creation in 1948. Perhaps countries like Jordan, Iran and Pakistan, who have had long traditions of welcoming refugees can help us get ideas to develop long-term plans and solutions for the European refugee crisis. The United Nations through the UNHCR has intervened with displaced populations around the world and also has a lot of experience handling the short-term needs of refugees, although sovereign states need to come up with long-term solutions with the United Nations mediating.   


 My United Nations Secretary General Candidacy - Part I, HERE!

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