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The Chapel - Part 21
by Theodore K. Nasos
2016-04-05 10:51:55
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“Yes, yeas. YES! I took care of Franky. And the cook. But this man. I have no idea who the hell he is.”

Chief Inspector Bennett looked him at the eyes and remained silent in his place.

“Can’t you hear me coperchrist01_400? It was me, me, ME!” He screamed. For a strange minute both Sir John had the feeling that Bennett said something, but whatever it was he said, we couldn’t hear a thing. The pastor obviously felt the same because he stopped moving his hands and looking at the door. The policemen who had entered the room a few minutes ago had left all the doors open so we could all see the pastor’s explosions.

So suddenly absolutely silence. I could hear the sound of the elevator outside the hall. Nothing was moving and everybody was looking at Chief Inspector Bennett.

“I know Harold.” That was it. That’s exactly what he had said and he had said it again. Louder.

“But the …knife?”

“Funny thing you mention the knife, Herald. The man was shot hot stabbed. Actually it was you who first saw him and tried to check if you could save him. Funny thing how selective is this priesthood. You kill one and you try to save one.”


“But …we got the right man immediately after and he confessed very fast, thanks to my friend Sir John over there.” And at that point Sir John gave a small bow like he was some kind of actor in a big finale.

Damn. He had done it again. He was there when the case was unveiling and …where was I? I thought I didn’t move away from him except… except when I lost him for a minute in front the Chapel and then when we came back to the police station. I thought he was looking for something to eat. Obviously not.


“Money my dear friend. Money.”

We were sitting around the fire in Sir John’s study as usual. Bennet and I bourbon, Sir John in some kind of single malt Irish whisky, I bet special delivered to his house from the producer. Cigars in hands and in good spirits. This was our third round.

In the beginning I was a bit upset. Sir John had done something once more without warning me and here I was playing stupid.

“It was all about money from the beginning my dear friend. Frank met Feelgood, the pastor, a few years ago and told him everything about the cylinder. The problem was that the pastor coincidentally had a bit more information about this item. You see he was part of the network the ministry used to find missing historic and archaeological subjects and when he realized that Frank was holding a treasure he decided that time had come for him to escape priesthood’s poverty and add a bit more luxury to his life. But Frank didn’t want to tell him where the cylinder was. He had his own plans as usual and when he found out that there were money in the cylinder he decided to use the pastor instead of becoming his partner. “

“It was one thief trying to rob the other.” Added Bennett.  

“But Frank was playing in the beginning. He was trying the ground. He wanted to know how much was worth the item and if gradually he could find out the people who were interest to pay for it. But the pastor from his side kept everything a secret and foggy. This went on for a few months but then obviously something happened with Frank and he came in need of money urgently. A lot of money. And the cylinder became the only solution. So he broke the secret, the cylinder is here with a friend. Luck obviously paid a role here because the local pastor died and Mr Feelgood was ready, suitcases packed and passport in hand to travel. I suppose if the pastor hadn’t died, he would have found another excuse but we have to admit that the timing was perfect.”

christ02_400“But of all these, we had absolutely no idea of course.” Said again Bennett.

“Of course.” I added mechanically.

“When they came here things got a bit more tensed. Frank told the pastor about me and the pastor feeling confident that the whole thing will finish in days he did his first mistake. He called Mr Okoye and told him that the item was found and it was a case of days before he will be able to come in an agreement with the seller. What the pastor didn’t expect was Mr Okoye to travel here. This immediately complicated things even more. Frank found out about Mr Okoye. And this is when the cook was killed.” Sir John took a deep breath leaving Bennett to continue.

“The cook was at the Chapel for long time. A believer, a good Christian who saw Frank threatening his master. So he tried to stop him. He was actually trying to scare frank and nothing else and all that without knowing what was really going on. Most important he misjudged Frank’s paranoia. So when he threaten Frank he thought that he was going to kill him and then with the pastor to sell the cylinder. So Frank feeling in defence, he killed the cook.”

“That’s what he was trying to tell me when we found him dying. That the pastor was behind everything including the cook’s death.” Said Sir John.

We all kept quiet for a bit. Nobody would have thought this giant as a poor innocent victim in a murderers’ game. Suddenly I felt really sorry for all the horrible thoughts I had done for the man. Perhaps some flowers in his grave was in order.

“The pastor was watching Frank waiting for the right move and seen us letting him go free he felt that time had come to give an end to the whole thing.” Said Bennett.

“You see, my friend, Mr Feelgood knew about me by now and he also knew that I was suspecting him. The only thing I was missing it was motive and the only person who could give me this motive was Frank. So he killed Frank. This is where Christopher found the knife with the finger prints.”

“Oh yes, what a brilliant moment to experiment with something new and find out that is worth to have it.” Said Bennett smiling while checking his open hands fingers upside.

“And this is where a bit of luck and a lot of practical thinking worked for us. We found Mr Okoye and suddenly we had motive!”

“30,000 pounds motive!” Said Bennett. I whistled. 30,000 pounds, enough to live like a lord and start a business that could guarantee that all your diners will include black caviar and French Champaign for starter for the rest of your life.

“What about the man last night?” I asked.

“Well that’s a totally different case” said Bennett.

“I thought you got a confession.” I said.

“That’s what I also thought but pour friend here has a different idea,” Bennett said pointing at Sir John who has a very thoughtful look.

I smiled and I drunk my bourbon. Sir John always has a different idea and let’s see how far would lead Christopher and me this time.

The End!


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