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The Hundredth Monkey
by David Sparenberg
2016-04-04 10:02:27
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Hello my friend.  Let me ask you this: Do you know of the hidden power of the hundredth monkey?  Have you deciphered the riddle?
Here is the answer, pointing the way to pathfinding experience.  The hundredth monkey is the revolution of our species.  Our clever, ignorant, mischievous species.
The hundredth monkey is our novum, setting change in motion.
jung01_400_01Those here among us who are rediscovering and reconfiguring nobility (nobility of perception, nobility of soul—think of this as an innovative guidance system); those who hold fast to dignity and integrity, who are well on their way to self-mastering: yes, these are the ones now among us whose lives-in-visionary-love are steadily evolving beyond the obsolescence of the monkey mind.
Evolving beyond the monkey mind!  What does this mean for our collective future?
In part there is this, already emerging into being: The hundredth monkey is a conscious rung above, a nurturing root deeper, a creative step beyond.
Those who are such are no longer subject to addictions of their generations.  They are not sway by demagogues
and dictators.  They will not betray life—the sacred structures of life.  Will not be misled and led forever into monkey business and monkey madness—into the horrors, crimes and atrocities of war.
My friend, look around us and see the dilemma of humanity for what it is.  The problem is not correctable through procrastination.  The afflictions are not self-healing in our now conditional (and obsessively conditioned) extravagance.  The hundredth monkey is evolution’s challenge.
Ask this: Are you the revolution?  Are you a novum of solution, uniting with Earth’s desire?  Are you, my friend, the hundredth monkey?  Are you, my friend, the impress on memory of unique beatitude (of a Gospel or a Quran gestalt)?
Listen to the legend while contemplating your reply.
Ninety-nine monkeys approach a problem that threatens their entire monkey population.  All ninety-nine apply the same manner of seeing, the same manner of thinking, the same manner of doing.  Their philosophy, psychology, are monkey-brained; their phenomenology is corkscrewed sideward, offensively, against creation.  All ninety-nine fail.
Only the hundredth monkey is a rung, a root, a step beyond the common limitations.  Only the hundredth monkey finds a new way: sees and feels and thinks and does outside the narcissistic monkey mind.
From this example, some learn.  Others, however, hardwired in ignorance and (paralytic) pathologically afraid of freedom and the experimental (experiential) unknown, deceive themselves.  In times of transitions and emergency, the deceived (in collusion with the delusional) perish.
Put into different terms, listen: The ninety-nine are critical mass: negative potential.  This is ominous.  The hundredth monkey is the radical alternative of maturity, connectivity, responsibility.
My friend, what Nietzsche foretold is true: Man needs to be overcome.  Only not by ubermensch and the will to power.  Rather, through a stroke of genius (the Einstein-ecosophy) of the hundredth monkey.
What then, dear one (dare to ask!) is the opus and gift of the hundredth monkey?  It is existentiating the mandate of Earth—this lovely Earth, hallowed Earth, this angry Earth, this cosmic Earth: Simian man, the modern homunculus… Man…must be overcome.
David Sparenberg
23 March 2016


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Emanuel Paparella2016-04-04 10:19:10
But the philosophical question persists despite Nietzsche's philosophy: is it the whole of man that needs to be overcome or is man good on the whole with certain undesirable traits transmitted over many generations to be overcome and defeated? It makes a great deal of difference for the survival of humnakind on how we ultimately answer that question.

Emanuel Paparella2016-04-04 10:37:19
P.P. There is another philosophical conundrum not mentioned above and it is this: is all change for the better or could it also be for the worst, given man's free undetermined will? Could the hundredth monkey of Christianity called fanatical evangelism be something better than the original Christianity based on love rather than law, be better just because it arrived at the end of an evolutionary process? Food for thought.

Smithd5352016-04-05 08:48:40
Very interesting topic , appreciate it for posting . The friendship that can cease has never been real. by Saint Jerome. ffkfdckedbkcdakk

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