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My United Nations Secretary General Candidacy
by Jay Gutman
2016-04-03 09:57:07
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Bibi Netanyahu rightly says that when it comes to politicians it’s always a choice between bad and worse. There never has been a good choice when it came to politics.

I’m not ferocious when it comes to competition. So far seven candidates have declared their candidacy, all but one candidate from Eastern European countries. The other candidate is from Portugal.

Most candidates have had solid political experience in their countries, some in the UN system. I can’t compete with them, as I’ve been put in the closet and never had an actual career anywhere.

My strong points include the fact that I speak flawless English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Some would say I speak the Algerian variety of Arabic, but I do understand other varieties rather well. Another strong point is that I speak virtually flawless Turkish and Korean, the language of two countries that have made headlines and whose problems demand specific attention.

Another strong point is my versatility regarding regional issues and how to solve them. I’m well versed with current Latin American challenges, North American and European challenges, East and South Asian challenges, Middle Eastern challenges and the challenges of my home continent, Africa.

The way I view the evolution of the United Nations is we went from an East-West divide until the early 1990s, before we moved to a North-South divide before the divide today lies in instability for all.

un01_400_05I would first like to congratulate Ban Ki Moon for working very hard on achieving the Millennium Development Goals. In great South Korean fashion, he worked meticulously toward achieving those goals, although rather discreetly. It is safe to say that many of those have been at least partly reached.

What I view as the challenges lying ahead are as follows.

The main challenge the world is facing is its collapse of social structures such as the family structure, the workplace structure or the school structure. The main crisis the world is facing is one of trust between its individuals and institutions such as the family institution, schools, the workplace, associations and other civil society institutions and political institutions.

Overspending is one of the causes why such institutions are crippling, while the reliance on too many outsiders as advisers is one of the causes of such collapse. Short-term relationships are valued over long-term relationships, employee retention Is low at workplaces, staff retention is low in schools, and spouses don’t seem to be able to retain each other.

As Secretary General, my priority would be to organize a global conference on Education, Family, Arts and Jobs to discuss a global consensus on how jobs and careers can be protected, on how children can benefit from the best possible education and the most nurturing family environments. I see the four elements as interdependent: parents and teachers with emotionally and financially stable careers provide emotionally stable and beneficial education to children.

Such a global conference would hopefully result in a survey of the different careers and jobs and on global measures to protect those already in the careers, so that working people no longer have to fear competing with workers who are less qualified or hordes of workers from abroad.

Another issue that I view as urgent is that of human trafficking. At any point in history, any refugee crisis or immigration crisis often has very little effects on terrorism or immigrants stealing other people’s jobs. Often, one of the tragic results from such migrations is human trafficking in the form of slavery, including sexual slavery. While sex slaves from Eastern Europe almost became the trademark of the post-Soviet Union collapse, sex slaves from the Middle East have become the trademark of the post-Arab Spring days. Limiting human trafficking is one challenge that must be openly discussed, sensitively and sensibly dealt with.

One issue I have been trying to be vocal about is the question of environmental protection. I believe the protection of the environment goes hand in hand with the stabilization of careers and a more sedentary human lifestyle. If elected Secretary General, the UN will lead by example by limiting its staff, including its leadership, from taking excessive business trips or holding receptions with excessive food supplies. UN staff will be encouraged to live as close to their workplace as they possibly can.

On a lighter note, I would hold an international meeting on sports. The Olympic Games and different sports World Cups have noted a decline in the quality of the rosters in their teams simply because over the last 30 years or so people, including me, would rather practice sports playing video games than exercise in the field. That has led to a decline in rosters of amateur sports players and professional sports teams are having difficulties finding high caliber sportsmen. That should change, as youngsters should be encouraged to practice different types of sports, including individual and team sports.

Regarding different conflicts, the UN has always been a neutral mediator and will continue to be so. I can offer to mediate conflicts myself, while I can assure that I will train my staff to be as neutral as they can during conflicts, including by listening to both sides, by siding with neither side and by never holding what either side is saying as the absolute truth. Still, both sides must reach an agreement at the end of the discussion. If our mediators show that they favor one side over the other, there can not be a peaceful resolution.

I’m not sure what the application procedure is and chances are my candidacy won’t be retained. It is my sincere hope that my skills will be noticed and that I will eventually be pulled out of the closet and that my voice will be heard.

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Emanuel Paparella2016-04-03 14:32:15
Impressive qualifications and insightful proposals, however, even Machiavelli admitted that in the end all the qualifications and competencies in the world will not suffice in getting to the top of the ladder: one needs what he calls "fortuna" or luck, not to speak of Nietzsche's "will to power." So, Good Luck Mr. Hadid. Were I able to vote on your candidacy, you'd have mine.

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