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The Strangler - The Disrupter
by Leah Sellers
2016-03-29 10:47:04
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The Strangler - The Disrupter
I am BeCome The Strangler
I am the Strangled
I have had the Breath of Life Strangled from me
One too many times
In vengeful Frustration, Fear, and Anger
I Seek Power
I Seek the Shadowlands of Self and Other Destruction
And to give myself and my Intentions
Greater Power and Greater Meanings
I am BeCome The Strangler - The Disrupter
lea01_400_02Of God
Of Allah
Of Buddha
Of Yahweh
Of Zeus
Of Pele
I am the Suicide Bomber
The Chosen BeHeader
The Chosen Warrior of Jihad
The Chosen Crusader of Holy War
The Chosen Hero
The Chosen Executioner
The Chosen Expendable
I am The Strangler - The Disrupter
Of the Breath of Life
I am The Strangler
The Mangler
The Disrupter
Of Human Lives and Human Bodies
Explosively disassembled
Of Families
Tragically Blown asunder
Of Towns and Cities
Shattered, Scattered and lain to waste and ruin
Of Nations
Made Fear-Fevered, Contentious and Confused
Of the World
I am The Strangler - The Disrupter
At War with the World
The Whole World must be at War
Some foolishly say
That I am but one Human
Blink of Light
Who must attach my Energies
To a limitless God/Allah
Because I am a Coward
Because I am afraid to Live
And Breathe Freely
Within a Constructively Free Thinking
Free State of Being World
A World of many and varied
Choices and Opportunities
For One and All
That I am a Coward
Who must Order my World
Through Disruptive Disorder
But I tell myself
That I am The Strangler
The Mangler
The Disrupter
Of the Breath of Life
Feel my Hate-filled Wrath
And Breathe your last

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