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Pathfinders - A story of future-past
by David Sparenberg
2016-03-20 11:33:14
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The old pathfinder ascended the crest of the hill.  Momentarily he stood alone, looking down out over the valley that only now, for his first time, began to reveal itself.

path01_400Shortly a second person, a woman, topped the ridge and stood beside the white head.  Not needing to look in her direction, the elder know who this was.  He spoke to her saying, “Old as I am, I have never given up.  This quest is mine.  It is my mission and the mission is my meaning.  Mission and meaning evolve together, interwoven into everywhere we have traveled; it will be woven into wherever we go.”

The old one paused, looking down the slope and far out across the valley that opened itself gradually in the increase of morning light.

Now he who was named the Lost Prophet continued.  He said, “My years are many and my time is measured.  You who are but half my age will walk beside me.  Then when my days are done, you will take up the task for the others, uncovering further concealed treasures and goodness for life, and gathering the stories of this land we are entering.

“Also, it will be for you to protect and prepare the child.  She comes into her power after you.  And it is for her to teach the footprints of a poetic Earth to future generations.”

Now, as the old pathfinder concluded his instruction, a child appeared on the ridge: a girl tall beyond her years, beautiful beyond words.  A light shone in the young one’s dark eyes that was light of both heaven and earth; at once light of sun, yet again light of the moon.

Behind the child could be heard the footsteps and murmuring voices of many.  Hearing the approaching people, the white head looked tenderly at the woman beside him, then to the child who was there.  Next these three, the Ancient, the Watcher, the Budding-Seer, descended the slope into the valley of promise, in the land of renewal.

The tribe’s folk, the ones who had chosen and been cured of the madness and addictions of the nations, followed in the footsteps of the pathfinders—of the Lost Prophet, the Woman Warrior, the Visionary Child.

Now the power of the child begins with her eyes, initiating an ecosophy of perception...

David Sparenberg
13 Feb. 2016


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