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The Chapel - Part 19
by Theodore K. Nasos
2016-03-09 10:17:23
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Chief Inspector Bennett rolled slowly a cigarette and then lit it while carefully closing the small leather tobacco bag. He didn’t look nervous but I could see from the other side of the small window that his ears were flashing in deep red. I was standing on the one side of the closed door with Sir John on the other trying to hear everything happening in the tiny police station room.

har01_400“You know pastor,” he stopped for a little and looked at the man sitting uncomfortably at the other side of the table. “Actually I think that I might as well start using your name. Harold Feelgood, pastor. And you know why that is? He moved closer to the man, “because pastor wouldn’t lie, would he? A man of God and all that. But Harold Feelgood. Oh he is a totally different story, isn’t he Harold?  The pastor didn’t look up.

“He is a liar a total crap of nature. Isn’t he Harold?”

“I am…”

“Yes, I know what you are Harold. A scumbag you are. A con artist promoted murderer you are Harold Feelgood. That’s what you are!”

“I am…”

“Oh yes you are Harold. Do you know who talked to me minutes just before entering the room Harold? The bishop. Your mighty bishop. And do you know what he said, Harold? He said, and I quote: the pastor, innocent or guilty is in the hands of God. That’s what the bishop said, Harold. The pastor. But the pastor is not here with me Harold, is he?” and with these words in a sudden move, Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett moved to the other side of the table and pulled the white collar from the pastor’s neck.

Sir John and I didn’t move at all. We felt this fast act of violence hitting us hard. I think neither of us expected anything like that from Bennett.

“You see, Harold? Pastor gone. There is no pastor in here. Is just you and me, the murderer and the police. There is also an executioner waiting but he will come later to talk to you.”

The room was absolutely quiet. I dared look from the small window and I could see the sock in the pastor’s face. Bennett’s move had shaken his fundamentals and the man was in deep shock. He was suddenly with just one move naked in front of this bulky policeman. For a moment nothing really happened but then stubbornness returned into his eyes.

“I told you it was this Okoye black guy.”

“Really Harold? And you saw his with your own eyes? You saw his holding a knife and stabbing the poor man?”

“I saw everything!”

Bennett didn’t say anything, he just moved slowly, opened the door and looking at Mr Okoye he made a node to him to come closer. The poor fellow moved very slowly but he did reach the door on time to see Bennett turning to his prisoner and say, “So Harold, let me introduce you Mr Okoye.”

The pastor made an effect to stand up and pointing with his finger he screamed, “it was him, I know, it was him.”

“Mr Okoye, do you have a twin brother?” He asked the man kindly. “No Sir, I have no twin brother.” Answered Mr Okoye.

har02_400You see, Harold? The man has no twin brother.

“Do you know somebody who looks like you, Mr Okoye” he turned again to the old man.

“Not that I’m aware of, chief inspector!” answered the man again.

“No a look alike Harold. Did you hear that?” The pastor, half sitting half standing up still one hand pointing, didn’t say anything, obviously waiting what was coming and no sure how to behave.

“Because dear Harold,” Bennett entered the room again closing the door behind him. “Only if Mr Okoye had a twin brother or a lookalike would have been possible for you to see him. And he doesn’t!”

“You see, dear Harold,” Bennett continued, “while you supposedly witnessed Mr Okoye committing a murder, Mr Okoye was with me! The perfect alibi for Mr Okoye, he was with Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett!” this time I saw a thin smile rising in Bennett’s face.

The pastor on the side was paler than ever. His arms had fallen on his side and his body betraying him fell on the chair heavy.

“And do you know the best part dear Harold?” Bennett obviously enjoyed every single second of it. “We don’t live in the dark ages anymore. Thanks to our late Queen now we have science in the police stations and we have finger prints. All thanks to the old Queen.” Sir John smiled in the reference of the old Queen he had served so loyalty for so many years and in the end awarded him with a knighthood.

“And do you know what this science with the finger prints tells us today, Harold?” The pastor was motionless. “That you fingerprints are all over the knife, Harold!”

Sir John and I looked at each other in surprise. So Bennett had more information than he told us and that’s why he was so confident when he accused the pastor for murder.

“Oh, you don’t lie to science, Harold!”


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