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Springtime Butter-flies! Oh My!
by Leah Sellers
2016-03-11 09:40:59
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Springtime Butter-flies !  Oh My !
Mama, it’s Spring !
Yes, little darlin’, it surely is.
Don’t you just love the Red Bud Trees, Mama
All loaded up with their pinkish-purply Buds ?
butt01_400And the pretty white blossoms all over
The Bartlett Pear Trees ?
Although, I would rather have the real Pears
To pick from the Bartlett Trees to eat
Wouldn’t you, Mama ?
Well, I don’t know about that, now
I surley do love love bitin’ down into
A fresh picked pear’s firm skin
And lettin’ it’s clear, sweet juice run down
To the tip of my chinny-chin-chin
But there is somethin’ so Joy provokin’
About the way a cool Spring Breeze lightly lilts
Through the fragrant, sun-filled white blossoms
Coverin’ that ‘ole Pear Tree
Hee-hee, that’s funny, Mama
I like that, too
I thought you might, little darlin’
I have wiped Spring Pear Nectar off of
The tip of your chinny-chin-chin
For come now on eight years now
I know somethin’ else I love about Spring, too, Mama
I love all of the Butterflies flittin’ and flippin’
Through the air
I love chasin’ ‘em
And watchin’ all of those beautiful colors
Float so gracefully through the sky
Oh, so do I, little darlin’
So do I
Mama, why do you always leave the Butter out
To get all warm and soft ?
Well, it spreads on everybody’s
Homemade buttermilk Biscuits and Pancakes
A lot better when it’s soft and warm
So, soft, warm Butter is better butter
Many folks seem think so, little darlin’
Well, Mama, your soft and warm Better Butter
Just drowned two rudely hungry flies
Does that make them Springtime Butter-flies, Mama ?
Oh my !

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