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Trumpty's Political Gladitorial Sport
by Leah Sellers
2016-03-07 09:40:13
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“Would you please pay Attention to the things going on around you ?”  The Older Gentleman hissed.
“But that Jerk called me a Loser !  A Joker !  A Con-Artist !  A danger to Society !  He made fun of my beautiful Tangerine Tan !  He told everybody I had peed on myself during the last debate !  He made fun of the way I put on mv make-up when my upper lip was sweating during one of the debate breaks !  I can’t let that slide !  I’ve gotta’ get my Handlers together and come up with some better Insults !  My Followers are expecting a Gladitorial Response from me !  They are expecting me to cream that Baby-faced Boy into the ground and walk all over him to prove to him who’s Boss - who the real Winner is !”  Trumpty Harumphtied.
“You have got to start explaining to folks how you intend to rule over America once you get voted in as president.”  The Older Gentleman persisted.  “You have got to start thinking about the folks you’re going to be lording it over, and a little less about just yourself, Trumpty, or you will never get elected.  The Voters will shift over to the little ‘ole Baby-faced Boy you’re so mad at right now.”
trum01_400“Remember, Trumpty, ‘sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you….”
“Don’t be an Idiot !  Whoever said that was definitely an Idiot !  A Loser !  I know Marketing !  I know Smear Campaigns !  And believe me when I say, that I have ruined many a person who stood in my way or slighted me with just the wrong word said here and there at just the right time !”  Trumpty gloated.  “Maligning and ruining others has always been one of the main tools in my Arsenal of Winning !”
“But we have got some very disgruntled mothers writing and calling in saying that you are not a Good Role Model for their Precious Little Children,”  The Older Gentleman inserted.  “We have others calling the office saying that you, and the others who have joined you in Gladitorial Lambasting Huckstering for the sake of Attention-Getting and Ratings are demeaning the very presidency and America’s Voting process.”
“Aww, the world is filled with nay-sayers !  I never listen to them !  I just insult them and run over them with my Money, and the Power my Money is allowed to give me by Others for one reason or another.  Money Power that was handed down to me by my generous daddy.  A generous daddy who bailed me out in one way or another every time I bankrupted my businesses or got fined for running Losers off their land and out of their houses in order to build the bigger and greater projects that would gratify my ego and put millions of dollars into my pockets.”  Trumpty snorted in delight.
“I’m a Winner, I tell you !  A Winner !  And I wanna’ see my Handlers right now !  I want them to make me a list of some really sharp and cutting insults to barrage and kill my opponent, The Baby-faced, water-swoggling Cuban Cabana Boy with !  That’s what’s really important !  Once I get into the Office, I’ll hire good people around me to make all of the appropriate decisions that need to be made !  I don’t want to be bogged down by details and real life problems right now !  Trumpty spewed indignantly.
“But Trumpty, you didn’t even know who David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan was when you were asked whether or not you’d accept their endorsement.  They are White Supremacists.  The answer to that line of questioning should have been an easy, “No”,”  The Older Gentleman explained matter-of-factly.
“I am a Businessman who keeps all of his doors and opportunities open to whomever will help me attain what I want, when I want it, and how I want it.  That philosophy is what has gotten me where I am today, Old Man.  I am a Winner !”  Trumpty crowed loudly.
“So the rumors of your having attachments to The Mob and other unsavory characters by Ted Cruz, may be true ?”  The Older Gentleman queried.
“Who said that ?  I’ll sue the pants right off of that Hack, and hang him and his whole bunch out to dry in a hurricane !  I’ll put them in a very deep and muddy pit with a bunch of ’ole chomping, hungry Louisiana alligators !  I’ll kill their Family members !  No, no, we only do that to Terrorists don’t we.  Scratch that, I just got a little carried away there….”
“What Terrorists are you speaking of, Trumpty ?”  The Older Man sighed as he took off his glasses and laboriously cleaned them with his white, embroidered cloth handkerchief.
“You know, anyone who goes after me or anything else I own, Sport !”

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Emanuel Paparella2016-03-07 10:32:56
Indeed. It's a race to the bottom and the founding fathers must be turning in their grave. Pretty soon we'll have Megan Kelly measuring hands and other organs (as implied by at least two republican debaters) in order to declare the winner, that is to say the one with the bigger or smaller ones. And then we'll descend even lower and have a pissing contest on the stage and choose our president by that criteria. Plato had a point when he said that democracy becomes a joke when it is based on ignorance and becomes a contest between 4 wise men and 96 certifiable fools out of 100. The fools will win all the times. The founding fathers had a name for such a phenomenon; they called it "the tyranny of the majority."

Emanuel Paparella2016-03-07 14:52:13
P.S. It occurs to me that we ought not to be too surprised at the fact that in today’s political debates some boorish men who would be presidents would rather focus on the size of their genitals rather than the expanse of their intelligence. For too long now, we have been confusing brain (a material organ of the body) with mind (a spiritual component of man) and thus brain size or genital's size becomes all important, never mind that some animals have a bigger brain than ours. That’s a mistake that the ancient philosophers did not make while the modern neuron surgeon falls in every time he treats the body as a material mechanistic machine, every time he operates on its brain and then attempts to explain its human nature by its neuro-functions, without ever bothering to explain why every time he operates on the brain he never sees ideas floating around in it.

Given such a dangerous philosophical slippery slope, we are bound to see worse than what we are currently seeing in the Republican presidential debates. In fact, we may well see a change in the electoral rules and stipulate that the final general election to the presidency shall be determined by a public pissing context on a stage. He who can piss furthest wins the election.

Within the above described reductionism of mind and intelligible world to mere brain and matter, it would be perfectly logical. Perhaps the Ovi editorship shall in the future offer us a cartoon of this bizarre situation: a picture is worth a thousand words sometimes.

Emanuel Paparella2016-03-08 06:49:35
P.S.P.S. It is intriguing that while the likes of Mit Romney and just about all of Trump's competitors are now calling him a joker and a cheat, not one of them has declared that he will not support the nomination of a cheat and a joker and perhaps consider changing party affiliation. That is to say, they will all settle for a cheat and a fraud, even with the devil himself, as long as he is a republican fraud and cheat. Where pray was Mit Romney four years ago when he accepted the endorsement of Trump, the fraud who was going around with his birther issue (for which he has never accepted responsibility), questioning the very legitimacy of President Obama. So, these "principled" politicians who have suddenly found religion, having created the Frankenstein monster, are now alarmed that it is menacingly coming after them. Some would call such a development poetic justice!

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