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The Chapel - Part 18
by Theodore K. Nasos
2016-03-03 11:47:44
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There are times when reality plays games that make imagination laugh. This was one of those days. While the three of us were looking at Mr Okoye expecting some kind of an incredible revelation about the pastor to come out of his mouth, somebody started knocking at the room’s door. The four of us suddenly gone silent and after a second we all heard the voice of the constable who was supposed to wait outside the small hotel.

“Sir, I need to talk with you Sir.” Chief Inspector Bennett opened the door since the man outside was obviously calling for him and the young policeman entered the room. We all looked at him but he turned to his superior.

si01_400“There was another murder Sir. In front the Chapel, sir.” He said fast and we all stood up. As I said reality is always stranger than imagination and the same applies to time in moments like that. When we all dressed up, we run to the street and climb the car waiting for us outside I have absolutely no idea. It was definitely fast. and then we were all five, Mr Okoye had also come with us, standing in front the Chapel looking at a group of policemen surrounding the body of a man with a heavy coat laying on the pavement.

“Two stabs, one straight on the heart,” said the older policeman to Chief Inspector Bennett. “Definitely a murder.” He added.

I can’t stand the smell of blood. I can’t stand the sight of blood either and this was a scene with both ion quantity. A lot of blood and a lot of smell. Bennett kneeled next to the victim and with his gloved hand he checked his pockets. Then he pulled out a brown leather wallet.

“It doesn’t look like a robbery, does it?” he said opening the wallet and letting us all see some notes from inside.

“Any idea who’s done it, Constable?” Bennett asked still checking the body.

“No Sir, but we have a witness.” We all four turned and looked at the policeman.

“A pastor, Sir!”

“A cook, a crook and whatever we have here. And in all cases Pastor you seem somehow to be around.”

The man with the long sidebars looked strangely lost for somebody who was suspected for all these murders. He looked deep in thought and Sir John who had entered the room with Bennett, had one of those puzzled looks like he didn’t know what to think or say.

“Pastor, are you here? Can you hear me?” The man didn’t move at all, he was sitting there, arms fold in front of him looking somewhere far behind the dirty walls of the police station.

“I have no idea who’s this man. I have absolutely nothing to do with it.” Bennett didn’t say anything, just looked at Sir John who still looked puzzled.

“Harold Feelgood, American citizen,” Bennett read a paper in front of him. “Came to the kingdom just a few months ago. Why Mr Feelgood?”

“The mission.”

“The mission. Right. And before that Mr Feelgood? Where were you before?”

“South America.”

si02_400“And before that Africa, right?” The pastor nodded.

“Who was that man?”

“I don’t know, I never saw him before in my life.”

“So it was a coincidence? Bad luck? He went for a walk and he got killed in front of the chapel?”


“Why you were in Africa?”

“In a mission. Working.”

“Did you meet Frank there?”

“No, I met him back in the States?”


“I just met him.”

“And what about Mr Okoye?” This was the first time the pastor shown any kind of reaction. Hearing the name his face got suddenly darker, angry.

“Ask him. Why don’t you?”

“We have and he’s been very cooperative.”

“Good for him. Did he tell you that he killed everybody?”

“Who’s everybody?”

“The man in front the chapel!”

“Did he kill the man in front the chapel?”

“Yes he did. I saw him!”

“You saw him!”

“Yes, the colour man with the long knife, like the ones they carry over there!”

“Do you know pastor, what I like more about you is that been a man of God, you never lie!”


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