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Cafe Dasein
by David Sparenberg
2016-03-01 08:55:31
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cafe01_400CAFÉ DASEIN: a monologue reflecting some of the philosophy of Martin Heidegger, etc.
Dasein, Being-there, that is, Being in the world, the existent, or perhaps to be more up to date we would say Being-here, in and with and of the Earth, in the full spectrum of diverse life of Earth: humanity, nature, the inhuman.
On the menu today: a cup of tea within the presence of friendship.  Or if not tea, the soup du jour.  Or perhaps espresso and biscotti?  I am myself fond of Greek olives, most particularly the bold green Greek, firm and fleshy, with various fruits, varieties of grape cultures, dried apricots, dates, figs.
The friend may smell of flowers, quietly exude the smell of flowers, with the soft wrap-around of floral perfume.  A few words can delicately be spoken.   Between the words, voyages, long voyages, lingering and gardens.
My health is not especially good.  I never learned to physically care for myself.  I have good sight, am sensitive, frequently profound in feeling.  Out of my feelings thought arises, waiflike intimations of thinking, if not thinking itself.  Occasionally language assumes free expression, accomplishing an act of clarity and beauty.
One or the other quotes a line from Rilke, or from Camus or Kierkegaard.  Whenever there is breathing there is solitude.  Whenever breathing is listened to, and it is not the breather alone listening, is mutuality; at least the possibility of mutuality.
Dasein, Being-there, Being in the world, the existent: Being here and now needs peace, a quantity and quality, to take up tasks, large and small, of conscious-mortality and arrange and respeat even the mundane chores of everyday.  To look into the mirror, to enter searchingly and apprehend the demands of confrontation, the movements out of and movements toward, brought on by questioning, emergent out of perception.  One hand, for example, touching on another, or fingers—and every hand holds its own paint brushes and preferences of colors—these fingers, poets, surveyors, tracing over the contours of the face: flesh-landscapes fixated or frozen, features, places in the blush of fire.
Trakl often wrote with melancholy hues—the blue mood of things, ghostly trees, brokenness of green, cadaverous terrains: Grodek, In Hellbrunn.  As if the eyes of the waitress here, her hair put up and golden, already looked our way in anticipation of a grave.
Dasein… Being-there, Being in the world, the existent; here in the here and now, now in the now and here, sinking into, drinking down and becoming water.  Existence needs peace, a quantity and a quality of peace in meeting death.  For it is measured that the meeting with demise should be long in coming, come to it, at a center, naked but for a few closing phrases stammered with dignity amid multiple, overlapping patterns.
And I would say that war and murder, sudden, outright violent death, by land or sky or sea, is brutal from the vantage of Dasein; brutal and a crime against evolution, against Being in a particular of Being-there.  Somewhat like a sledgehammer swung manically inside a glass blower’s studio!
One who senses sharp pain, and feels it sharply, might shed tears, might wish to ask in a cry of asking, a howl, what good if history is only Kristallnacht, if history is nothing other than Hiroshima.  I protest, I go on to confess that there is no capitulation to despair, no embitterment, no contempt or self-pity in the medicine bundle of my identity.  And should I become bereft of dreams, am oppressed by either tyranny or angst, devoid of hope, I can still chose.  I would chose to my end passion and rebellion.
A familiar bridge to cross might lend significance; a park, a forest, a river bank, lake, an ocean shore, provide location for purposeless walking.  Dasein is a presence of passion in motion.
Besides, my intention is to simply point out that this Dasein, this Being-there, the Being in the world, this one but not some other, this very I and very you, this I and  us, has certain requirements, certain hard to get at conditions to facilitate the attempting of any ontological inquiry.
And besides: on today’s menu is a smile about porousness, distance, recognition; too, eye movements revealing connections, a word here and there suggesting truth, something about courage, and a cup of tea, a sort of body, with the warmth of a friend.
  David Sparenberg
  17 Feb. 2016


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