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David Sparenberg's new book: THE GREEN TROUBADOUR A Source Book of Performance Ecosophy
by David Sparenberg
2016-02-28 11:49:39
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troubadourii_400David Sparenberg is well known to Ovi readership so any introduction to him or his work will undermine everything he is and everything he has offered and keeps generously offer. In a world full of demands David only offers.

This is a revised and expanded version of a book we published with David exactly three years ago. And as David says: this book is for everyone interested in developing and furthering global green culture—a low tech but deeply soulful culture with a light carbon footprint.  The volume is a training manual and source book for actors, actresses, movement artists, oral storytellers, performance poets, green activists, art therapists, educators and eco-psychologists.

Actually I felt that this the right place to add a poems from the book, a personal favourite

Prayer Of The Animals

Our kin,
who now possess the land
where once we roamed,
plentiful and free,
lead us not into extinction,
but deliver us from the devouring
dis-ease of human greed.

Give us this day
(even unto the seventh generation)
a belonging-place to be
what we are, and in harmony
with All Our Relations.

For yours is the power
to restore or further destroy
the Sacred Hoop of Creation.

Make a warrior’s choice
by honoring unity in diversity
of the Great Mystery.
Let Spirit guide you
back to Creator’s vision-dream:
We Are All One Family.

Now, just download the book for FREE, HERE!

And enjoy reading it!

Thanos Kalamidas


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