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First glimpse of Windows Vista
by Amin George Forji
2007-02-10 10:07:28
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Since the official launch of Windows Vista by Microsoft on January 30th, after several postponements by the company, many people across the world have been enthusiastic and anxiously waiting to get a glimpse of the so-called new operating system.

ovi magazine - winows vista 01This is not unexpected given that the previous release of all former Microsoft Windows, since the release of Windows 1.01 in 1985, have traditionally led to a new revolution in the way people conduct their affairs via the so-called modern computer culture. Over 90% of the world’s PCs are thought to have at least one version of Windows, it will appears that no version is ever good or clever enough, since every new release has turned to override all previous editions.

Just one day after the official launch, it was the turn of Finland to unmask the new “magic” baby in the capital city of Helsinki. The launching festivities are continued throughout the week and it is expected that most anxious people will have had a chance to come by for a look.

At “Vista Village”, in front of the biggest shopping mall in Helsinki called Kamppi, customers could access free pubicovi magazine - winows vista 02 computer stands provided by Microsoft, each running all of the new programmes, notably, Vista Business, Vista Enterprise, Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Ultimate and Vista Starter.

I have been as enthusiastic as every other person about the new developments, so, on February 1st and 2nd, I made two separate visits to Helsinki’s Vista Village to acquaint myself with the new Windows. Let me begin by saying that the attendance was far from what I expected, with the public turnout quite discouraging during both visits.

Iovi magazine - winows vista - ovi lehti 01 decided to talk to a few clients to get their impression about the new Windows and the first was Ari Suominen, one of Microsoft’s agents. My question to him was how different is Vista from Windows XP. He took me to a free computer and began guiding me through some of its new features.

As we browsed, he explained that Windows Vista is a remarkable improvement from Windows XP both in form and content. He said it would become easier and faster for users to search their own computers because the new edition has come with new search features. Furthermore, it has a unique beauty with its new visual style called Windowsovi magazine - winows vista - ovi lehti 02 Aero.

There is also the graphical user interface, he explained, with improved home video making with the Windows DVD maker, as well as additional entertainment accessories.
I asked if we should expect a new Windows to emerge within the next couple of years, he replied that with technology on the rise, it will be just a normal thing to meet people's changing needs.

ovi magazine - winows vista - ovi lehtiNext I spoke to Martti Lukkonen, a Computer Science student, who has just bought the latest Vista Home Premium. Apparently satisfied with the product, he said, “Whether we like it or, we would henceforth all have to speak in the language of Vista, and that is why it was imperative to get a version as soon as possible.”

Päivi Ulla, an onlooker, like myself, shared opposite views with Lukkonen. She commented that although she was not an expert in computers, she thinks that the sole motivation behind Microsoft's new release is to keep out emerging computers, as all the world's attention would now be focused on Vista. I asked her if she was going to buy a version during the launch, she said that option would not cross her mind before at least a year had passed, when people will have tried and compared it with XP.



Photos by Amin George Forji

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Eva2007-02-10 16:02:57
I watched a documentary last night about it, a behind-the-scences look at the preparations for the UK launch of Vista - and the HUGE Microsoft machinery behind the marketing and branding of it (personally I wasn't overly impressed with the catchphrase WOW that summed up their efforts). But there is something in this commercial hype and "everybody-got-to-have-it-mentality" that disturbs me..

rinso2007-02-12 10:54:44
I bought my first computer 15 years ago, running Dos 6.0 and Windows 3.1. Ninety percent of the things I do now, I could still do on that machine. But I need to upgrade all the time to stay compatible with all the new software features I don't use.

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