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by Gordana Mudri
2016-02-17 10:32:07
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I wish I could close my eyes and erase all reality with just a simple move. I wish I could block my ears and not hear all these words of hate. I wish I could fall asleep and wake up in some other time, some other space; with more compassion and less misery. I wish people could understand each other and hold hands with each other. I wish poverty wouldn't change people's minds, filling them with hate and hostility.

Because this is what's happening now. The world is burning, hate is growing and wild animals are coming to the surface. Animals using misery as an excuse of their existence, imposing their rules of intolerance.

gord01People live in fear. They have nothing, only burdens, imposed by incompetent rulers, all too heavy. Scared people can't see a way out, and false ideologies give them as only solution hate and not accepting none. Because – they say, the blame is on those who are different, even though they are as poor and miserable as these who are deluded. Poor people feel endangered. There is no one here to protect them from violence, from thieves, from criminals. The rulers protect just the elite. And when the fear is too big and the hope is lost – violence and hate grow. The roots of this are deep in the mud, in the mud they are pushing us; the mud of ignorance and greed.  And who's to blame for all this?

Money became God, money crashed all the values and there is nothing left, not even enough common sense. There are not enough reasonable people left. There is too much selfishness …and those who are fed, they don't believe those who are hungry, they don't see them suffering.  And the blame is theirs. They are feeding this beast, the beast that spreads hatred.  They are destroying nations and lands, filling their pockets with stolen money, filling their mouths with too expensive food; leaving gnawed bones to the people. To the people who lost their hope, and in the end they lost their pride and their honour. And then they pass on the beast’s side.

The beast is waving black flags, the beast is singing songs of death. The beast is leaving bloody traces behind.

I wish I could close my eyes. I wish I could deny everything. I wish I am wrong.

I wish I could plant the tree. The first tree in a new, fresh land; the tree of a new beginning, with fruits that will feed all, fruits free of poison.


Gordana Mudri

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