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To a Friend in Dusseldorf
by David Sparenberg
2016-02-13 11:44:47
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To a Friend in Dusseldorf

dus01_400Youth bestows beauty.  Beauty is part of what youth is.  Youth: life’s universal gift of beauty!  Yet it is your complexity—awareness of your complexity, many phases, moods, faces, the struggles of your complexity, the problematic and creative responses to the existential poetry of conscious existence and conscious mortality; and the sensitivity that results from this individuating evolution, that second look, the question mark, exclamation and the small light before and greater light behind darkness—that makes you you. 
All in all, you, Ursula: both of beauty now that fades (and hence melancholy) and the beauty in your keeping that need not (and so joy).  Happiness, dear friend, is a wind.  Wind comes, wind goes:  wind has its seasons.  One day it blows, another, uncanny stillness and wind cannot be felt—it is not found.  A human heart, getting lost in loneliness, starts searching for a language to reshape  reality. 
Joy is an elixir, preserved for a vaster journey in the beatitude of your soul.  Joy is akin to love, although not the same.  But it does keep the heart open to the possibility.                  
David Sparenberg
30 Jan. 2016


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