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The Bible Tells Us So.......
by Leah Sellers
2016-02-11 11:36:20
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“’It’s a Man’s World,’ Baby Girl.  And for your own good, and everyone else’s, it would be prudent for you to Remember that, and Act in Accordance with that fact.  Because that is a Woman’s Reality.  The Men are the Strong and the Rulers.  Women are the Weak and the Followers.  Because The Bible Tells Us So.”
“Where does it say that in The Bible, Mama ?  Where ?”  Baby Girl asked innocently.
“Well, Baby Girl, it is implied all through the Bible.  And Strong and Intelligent Women who ruled any kind of kingdom, like Jezebel and Cleopatra, were for the most part branded as evil, misleading and misguided harlots.”
wom01_400_03“But in Genesis, Eve, the Original Mother of all Women, doomed the Human Race at God’s Tree of Knowledge when She allowed herself to be seduced by the Satanic Serpent, and her own Curiosity and Hunger for Knowledge by taking a great big chunk out of an Apple from that Forbidden Fruit.”
“That Bite out of an ‘ole Apple poisoned Eve and poisoned all of Humanity with Sin, because She had gone against God’s wishes.  Adam and Eve were not supposed to go near the Tree of Knowledge.  And because of their going against God’s demanding command, Humanity became mortal, filled with pain-ridden Original Sin, and had to heave and ho, and work and toil for their very survival on Earth from that Fateful Day forward.  Their Life of ease, prosperity and plenty within the Garden of Eden was over.  Kaput.”
“Now, I must admit that Eve getting punished for having natural Curiosity never really set well with me, because Curiosity is a function of Intellect and Imagination, which I think is a good thing.  But The Bible Tells Us that it is not a good thing.  Particularly in a Woman, because she was made from Adam’s Rib to be his Help-Mate, and to bear his Children, and nothing more.  And when Eve took a Bite out of that ’ole Apple She became a proven Weaker Vessel that must be reined in, tamed, tamped down, and kept in her subservient place and ruled over by the Strength and Guidance of Men.”
“But Mama, Eve did a good thing when she Shared her Apple with Adam.  She wanted him to Experience the goodness of the Apple, too ?  And why wouldn’t God want to Share everything with Adam and Eve ?  He made them.  He should have wanted to Share everything with them.  I would have.  Why is that wrong ?  Am I evil and filled with Original Sin because I feel and think that way, Mama ?”
“No, I don’t believe that you are, Baby Girl.  Nor do I believe that your thinking and feeling that way is wrong.  In fact, I see your Loving, Caring and Sharing nature, and your insatiable Curiosity as a Strength, not a Weakness.  But The Bible Tells Us that what Eve did was wrong.  Very wrong.  And that because she allowed herself to be seduced by her Curiosity, and then seduced Adam into giving into his Curiosity, that all of Humanity must be made to suffer for it.”
“You see, Eve took the First Bite out of that ‘ole Apple, Baby Girl, not Adam.  And when Eve did that, She became the Seed of Original Sin.  A Seed that gets passed down to, and must be overcome by, each and every Human generation.  Forever and ever, Amen.”
“But Mama, you are always praising me for my Curiosity.  Are you letting me Be a Sinful Creature on purpose ?”
“Well, Baby Girl, there are those who might say that I am, but, as I have told you before, I see nothing wrong with natural Curiosity.  I want you to Question things, and to Question the Way things are.  Lord, knows I never did, and I regret that.  I regret it, dearly.”
“When I think about Who and What I wanted to Be, but never was or Became because the Bible Told Us So, and Men grabbing onto that old time cultural Religion and Seat of Power with both Fists, that they intend to never let go.  My Soul shrivels and sickens.”
“I want more for you, Baby Girl.  So, in my own Quiet Way I will help you nurture and sustain your Curiosity, as much as I am able.”
Baby Girl studied her Mother under a steady gaze for a moment.  And then ran up to her, and wrapped her arms around her Mother’s legs.
Her Mother quietly placed the large spoon she had been stirring her homemade Stew with into her porcelain holder, and bent down to kiss her Baby Girl on the forehead.
Baby Girl let go of her Mother saying, “Mama, can I have an Apple from the ‘frig ?”
Her Mother smiled, picked her large spoon back up and returned to slowly stirring her Family’s multi-flavored Homemade Stew.  “Be my Guest, Baby Girl.  Be my Guest.”
Baby Girl pranced over to the refrigerator singing, “’ Jesus loves me this I know.  For The Bible Tells Me So.  Little Ones to Him belong.  They are Weak, but He is Strong.  Yes, Jesus Loves Me.  The Bible Tells Me So.’”
Closing the refrigerator door, Baby Girl skipped up beside her Mother and took a big Bite out of the Red Delicious Apple.
“I just Love Apples.  Don’t you Mama ?  Would you like to have a Bite,
too ?  Baby Girl proffered the other side of the Apple to her Mother with a big smile on her face, and a twinkle in her Bright Eyes.
“Why I believe I would, Baby Girl.  Thank you for offering.”  Baby Girl’s Mother took a Bite from the Apple saying,  “Yes, Baby Girl, always have loved Apples, and always will.  You know what they say, ‘an Apple a day’ is good for what May or Can ail you.”

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Emanuel Paparella2016-02-11 16:01:57
Indeed Leah, within a patriarchal society we have had and we still have, alas, misogyny, inequality, maltreatment of women. The response was feminism but feminism seems to have become an exclusive club for women to prove their superiority to men, not a way to offer an alternative vision but a way to wrestle power from men. So, it is still all about men and no man will be better off in the world till all women are offered real equality. Jung had it on target: all men have an "anima" the feminine element of their psyche, and all women have an "animus" or the masculine element of their psyche and they ignore it at their own peril. The 66th meeting of the Ovi symposium due out in a few days will be about misogyny and feminism. Stay tuned and let the dialogue continue.

Leah Sellers2016-02-13 03:47:51
Indeed, Brother Emanuel, and I am looking forward to the next Symposium. I have so tremendously enjoyed each one of them !

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