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A Fiscally Responsible Poisoning
by Leah Sellers
2016-02-06 13:06:38
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Yes, even Budgets Reflect our Values.
It is Responsible Accounting and Accountability to Save Money.
That is a worthy Budgetary Ideal.
Wanna’ be In Like Flint (Michigan, that is) ?
Then We the People must make budgetary decisions that will Poison our City’s Children and Citizens to save money just as the Fiscal Leaders of Michigan did.
In fact, We the People must hire a Business Man to help us save money, and give him complete and overriding power over any and all Locally Elected Officials and/or oppositional Citizens, because many cities in Michigan are bankrupt and dying, because of DeIndustrialization and Job Flight to other States and foreign Countries who pay their Workers Slave Wages and disallow Unions (which would gradually make sure that all Economies around the World treated all of the Workers around the World Fairly and Squarely).
Oh no, the Fiscally Responsible Preservative Conservatives can‘t have that now can they ? 
No, no !  The Workers must not have a Voice in the Local, National and World Economies.  That is not a money saving ideal.  The Mega Corps and Mega Banks, and their full of bologna, phony cronies and cohorts can’t Own Everything and Everyone all around the World if that happens. 
water01_400_01No, no !  Instead all States and Countries everywhere need to fire their We the People’s Elected Officials and hire a CEO, dictatorial Business Man to bully and rule over them all to save money.
A Business Man just like the one assigned by Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder to save money.  Snyder and his Elected Official firing, money saving Business Men were so good at saving the money that they spent on Detroit Lake Water for Flint, Michigan, by exchanging it for Flint’s dirtier River Water which corroded their full of Toxic Lead water pipes (because no Safety Measures had been taken to make sure that this would not occur), that they are now responsible, although not quite accountable for (as of yet) Poisoning the City’s Children and fellow Flint, Michiganer Citizens.
In fact, they Knowingly let the Poisoned Water continue to Poison their Children - their Michiganer Citizens for close to two years before they were finally shamed and outed by the media enough (particularly by Rachel Maddow of MSNBC) to do anything about it.
Now, the Money Savers are being sued out of their wazoos by maddened Citizen kazoos, while having folks from Flint, and volunteers from around the country, go from house-to-house begging unsuspecting, ignorant Citizens not to drink the Water from their tap or to take a bath in it or shower with it, because they have been Poisoned by it, and must stop Poisoning themselves with the Lead laden Water.
water02_400That the Poisoning that the Children - that the Flint, Michiganer Citizens have undergone cannot be undone.  That the permanent brain damage is just that - permanent.  That the behavioral problems lead poisoning causes is permanent.  That the health issues they now suffer from will probably be permanent.  But that they should go ahead and stop Poisoning themselves with the toxic money saving water, and start using more expensive bottled water immediately (or as soon as they can be reached and notified not to Poison themselves any longer with their very own once trustworthy Tap Water, which is no longer trustworthy, but Poisoned).
Now, the money saving Business Men and Governor Rick Snyder are full of apologies and backtracking and Blame Gaming.  Yep, the old Blaming Finger is really getting a workout in the money saving higher offices of Michigan.  They know that the law suits of the Poisoned lodged against them are rolling in like Tidal Waves just ready to Poison their lives as well.  And so they are trying to filter out and through the Hot Water headed their way.  Let the Poison fall where it may.
Yes, Budgets Reflect our Values.  But some Money Saving Values can turn out to be very bitter and Life Changing and Re-arranging Poison Pills for all involved with no apparent antidote other than a change in Budgetary Behavioral Motivators and Stimuli. Such as the fact that some things are far more Important than money, and saving money.  Things like the very Lives of every Human Being and living creature involved.  That those Lives are far more worthy of Saving and Protecting than all of the money in the World.
Just a little piece of jagged glass to Reflect upon.

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Bob Nelson2016-02-06 21:24:43
The situation if Flint, MI (and many other places) seems to be a case of being placed in charge of balancing a budget, who may be qualified in management but not technically qualified, and are not aware of the potential risks associated with process changes (e.g., water source) and were probably not clearly aware of the lead pipes used in many older cities and the potential risks. They are typically given a limited budget, a set of priorities, and told to work it out. In this case, without a good technical background in drinking water systems (or a qualified consultant = money) problems like this occur and the first plan is to ignore it or cover it up. Whistle-blowers (aka troublemakers, not "team players," etc.) run the risk of retaliation (if not immediately, later as spending priorities are reevaluated.

In the case of Flint, it sounds like a case of ignorance of the potential risks; in some cases there is deliberate indifference, where the risks are well known to the decision makers and not addressed due to short term financial/image issues (consider the Space Shuttle Challenger accident).

Leah Sellers2016-02-08 01:30:57
I agree with you, Mr. Nelson. Your Insights are glaringly correct. Bits and pieces of all of your probabilities were (and still are at some levels) involved within this horrible and unnecessary Tragedy. Thank you for your additional Insights, sir.

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