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The Aesthetics of Benedetto Croce
by Thanos Kalamidas
2016-02-03 08:59:41
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aisthetics_croce_400It is a great honour for Ovi magazine to publish Professor Ernesto Paolozzi’s second Benedetto Croce book: “The Aesthetics of Benedetto Croce”. The book has been translated from Italian by Professor Emanuel Paparella and I think the most appropriate thing to do is to add here part of his introduction to the book.

“Croce’s philosophy is not relativistic, far from it; but even great philosophers have fallen in that trap. For example, Ernst Cassirer noted with disapproval in 1913 that Croce’s whole doctrine, even while proclaiming logic as the basic science, in fact turns out to be an unlimited historical relativism in which change is studied so to speak for its own sake, in which no objective-logical enduring factors of any kind are discerned or set off. Cassirer understood that Croce’s was no ordinary logic; it was rather a kind of giving in to history and historicism. But Cassirer fails to understand that for Croce, philosophy would always be with us, but it would always be ad hoc and provisional—hardly foundational. In effect Cassirer had mistaken historicism for relativism. Paolozzi’s books attempt to correct that kind of confusion. In fact it did not help much that Croce himself had portrayed himself as a radical historicist which was in turn mistaken for absolutism.

Major Italian students of European historicism on both sides of the Atlantic pond, while embracing the German tradition of individualizing historicism, from Herder to Dilthey, have sadly failed to give Croce his due. Because Croce criticized that German tradition, these critics have found it easy to lump him with Hegel and the system builders of philosophical idealism. So it is hardly surprising that Croce’s thinking has proven elusive—and easily misconstrued. He has suffered the same neglect suffered by his great Neapolitan predecessor Vico who was finally discovered in the American academic world thanks to the efforts of Giorgio Tagliacozzo (a non-academic, by the way), and the translation of the Scienza Nuova into English of Bergin and Fisch. It is high time that Croce too, like Vico, be rediscovered and appreciated in his own right, as the other great modern Neapolitan philosophical genius that he is. Paolozzi’s books are undoubtedly a giant step in that direction.”

Actually with Europe going through really difficult times I think Professor Paolozzi’s timing is also perfect and in the right direction.

Please download the book HERE!

End let it introduce you to the Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce.

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Alan2016-02-03 16:48:44

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