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The Chapel - Part 14
by Theodore K. Nasos
2016-02-02 11:34:01
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It was the three of us back in Sir John’s place but there was big change this time. Sir John was smiling and for somebody who had just been nearly the victim of an assassin that was weird even for somebody like Sir John. I didn’t say anything. I was a bit angry with him.

sir01_400_03My logic kept saying that it was impossible but something inside me kept kicking me that all was planned and for one more time I had been a walk-on in one of Sir John’s schemes. But there was a hole on the wall and a dead body that the coroner had moved a couple of hours before. The third body in a few days. And Sir John holding a glass full of scotch was smiling while looking outside the French windows.

“John, was of African origins,” Chief Inspector Bennett said from his seat next to the fire, a glass of scotch also in hand. “Oddly for somebody who was going to murder a person, he was still carrying his passport with him.”

“Too confident, perhaps?” Chief Inspector Bennett added.

“Too stupid, I would say.”

“He is from Chad you know!” Chief Inspector Bennett said carefully like there was something more in his mind.

“This doesn’t tie very well with your theory, does it?”

“Say what?” Sir John said turning from the French windows, but Bennett didn’t have the time to answer, Sir John’s maid entered the room in a bit of hurry as always.

“Sir John, a man is calling and he wants to talk to you urgently if it is possible. He said he is the bishop.” Sir John didn’t say anything and leaving Bennett and me looking at each other exited the rom followed by his maid.

“What is he up to again?” Bennett asked and I nodded I have no idea. Bennett stood up, reached Sir John’s cigar box and took one out fast. Cutting an end he lit it and took a deep breath.

“This is so John isn’t it? There is always something he doesn’t tell you.” He said looking at me between thick smokes. I nodded again. What else could I say? Bennett definitely knew Sir John better than me and …he was right. That was Sir John’s habit, always to know more than he tells you.

“Christopher, there is something I need you to do for me.” Sir John said to Chief Inspector Bennett on his return from his telephone call. Bennett murmured something like “If I can…” and let it there waiting for Sir John to continue.

“I want you to call Chad, somebody in the capital, N'Djamena I think it is the name, and find out more about tonight’s visitor. Something important, find where exactly he was coming from, where he lived and …practiced his holy profession.”

“Now?” Bennett asked a bit surprised from Sir John’s request.

“I suppose now is good time, my friend. After all police never closes, does it?”

Chief Inspector Bennett had left and it was just the two of us sitting quiet in the study. The maid had just brought some think cucumber sandwiches and despite the fact that I had witnessed a murder just as few hours before, hunger seemed to be my first logical reaction. Aftershock, I thought.

sir02“Time for you tell me what you think.” Sir John said after I had emptied half of the long tray.

“No I think it is you who should start first. Why Chief Inspector Bennett was here and how did he know?”

“Oh well, that was intelligence of me, luck for him.” Checking the bullet hole at the wall instinctively I thought that there was no luck around when an assassin is after you and actually we were the lucky ones the man didn’t have the chance to see his targets better.”

“We all know by now that the Pastor is somewhere in all of this. Right?” Sir John asked.

“Right,” I said nodding.

“We also know that he is after the cylinder.”

“Well, we are not sure.”

“Yes we are and is not only the conversation he had outside the Chapel with the foreign gentleman, it is also his conversation with you at the café. There was absolutely nothing coincidental about it. It was searching the threatening the same time.”

“I felt more the threatening part.” I said agreeing with him and his assumptions.

“Then he had to do something and what I thought that whatever he was going to do was going to happen soon. That’s why we went to his office.”


“The conversation with the foreign gentleman was just a coincidence a very lucky coincidence.”

“You didn’t tell me about Chief Inspector Bennett.”

“Right, right. Before we left I called Christopher and I told him that it would be good after finishing with work if he was coming by because I had a feeling that something was going to happen tonight.”

“But you didn’t know.”

“This is where we were lucky. Sometimes a little of luck makes all the difference.


And I didn’t have time to finish my question because Chief Inspector Bennett stormed the room, his coat and hat still on and a bunch of papers in hand.


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