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Alchemical Eco/People-nomics
by Leah Sellers
2016-01-27 09:58:59
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Oh yes, indeed, not all Chemistry is just solids, fluids and gases mixed and matched and sloshed or carefully stirred with an olive stick for the finish if you please.  No, no there is also Alchemical Magical Mystery in Numbers and how they mix or match or slosh or unexpectedly implode or explode depending upon their stability or volatility.
However, in most Alchemically Beneficial and Healthy Eco/People-nomic environments Numbers need to follow and accede to People in order to truly Benefit The Many, not the other way around.  People do not need to be chasing after or giving meaning to Numbers for The Few if The Many want to Prosper and Succeed. 
The Few will always take care of themselves.  They are good at collecting and manipulating Numbers, just as some folks are good at Singing or creating Visual Art or Inventing or Researching or Writing or Performing well in Sports or Cooking Pastries or Carpentry or Mechanics or Grooming Dogs or Milking cows…..etc.  Not one Human Being has any more Real Value over another - Realistically speaking, even though Human Beings from time to time may try and assert as much for one reason or another.
Lately, Wall Street’s Stock Market has been hopping all up and down like an agitated grasshopper because China is being practical regarding the Health of its Eco/People-nomics.  America used to be that very same way.  But those days are gone (but maybe not forever).
eco01_400China is slowing down its Eco/People-nomics to try and fend off some Number Bubbles they saw coming their way that might hurt or impede their burgeoning Middle Class‘s growth, productivity and buying power.  They are working to Stabilize their internal Eco/People-nomics Alchemical properties, so as to better manage the External Global Eco/People-nomics they have to continue to Capitalize upon.
Wall Street Economic Elitists are spoiled, calloused and totally self-serving.  They have become used to using and abusing the Global Eco/People-nomics System to their ends, through their means.  They have no compunction about mixing, stirring and shaking up some very volatile and implosively explosive monetary concoctions that they casually walk away from totally unscathed.  Yes, they walk and fiddle away from Rome-America- The World as it is burning, shrugging their shoulders at the fire they created and inflated expecting the poor unsuspecting The Many to pay for their foolish and unethical Eco/People-nomics horse-play, because they put Numbers before flesh and blood People.  A toxic concoction for the ever shrinking Middle Class and the ever growing Working Poor.  Alas !
However, if the World is fortunate, China’s slowdown will eventually help everyone and bring about a more Real - a more Fair and Square and not highly overrated and heavily Inflated Economy and Culture which primarily Benefit’s the Few.  Will put a stop to the present Eco-People-nomics which has The Few buying up and merging with one another and everything else they can get their greedy, devouring paws upon, while forcing almost everyone else into foreclosures, and turning a nation of one-time land and home owners into shamed and Dis-Credited Renters and Tenants.
Yes, there is rampant Anger, Hurt, Disappointment, Fear of and for the Future, Disenfranchisement and Disenchantment within the ever dwindling Middle Class and ever growing Working Poor.  And those volatile Elements will push and pull Folks toward free floating Radicals like The Donald Trump and The Bern - Bernie Sanders.
Many Americans (and others Worldwide) want to break Free of the oppressive and repressive Eco/People-nomics shackles of the high rollin’, callously careless Autocratic, Plutocratic, ’there is my gain and only my gain’ scramblin’ Gamblers of Wall Street, the World Mega-Banks and Mega-Corps.
Oh wait a minute - that’s what and who the manipulating and no capitulating to all of you Losers who become Losers because you oppose me and my Church of Wall Street, The Donald Trump is !
America (and others Worldwide) want to break Free of the Wall Streeters, Mega-Banks and Mega-Corps, and the Politicos, Judges, Lawyers, Lobbyists, Cronies and Cohorts they have bought off, bought up and Own.  They have Corrupted and Dis-rupted our Eco/People-nomics Cultural Systems !
We the People want the poisonous Dis-easing of our Cultural Systems to stop !  We the People want to Invest our Monies and Efforts into Ourselves  and our Local, State and National Cultural Eco/People-nomic Systems as a whole, while Sharing our Bounty with our World Neighbors as they Share theirs with us.
Oh, what a minute - that’s what and who the socializing Social Democrat The Bern - Bernie Sanders is.
Well, the World is full of surprising Alchemical Possibilities and Elemental reveries.
There’s a Climate Change a-comin’ !  Northern Polar and Southern Polar Glaciers and Caps are heating up and melting.  Land masses of the Earth are becoming more and more uncertain beneath our Un-webbed feet.
The Future is no longer carved in Stone.  It is flowing upon transformative Rivers of fiery Lava and the ever expanding Ocean’s Watery ebbs and flows.
Trump - the Wall Streeter.  The high rollin’ Gamblin’ fiery Elitist who would expand Government to deport millions of immigrants, and build really Tall Walls to keep those we Fear out, and expand our Governmental Military in order send Our Children overseas to fight other countries Civil/Religious Wars (because some of them are Angry with America because we meddled in their affairs, and helped to destroy their countries to begin with, because the Oil Corps had holdings in the Middle East, and the Middle Eastern leaders wanted to detract from their ruling failings by scapegoating America while using her Children’s Lives to fight their enemies for the sake of Oil and Politics.  What a destructive Ring of Fire Legacy that has created).
Bernie - the Think of what Benefits All People as a Whole first, fiery and fluid Social Democrat.  The man who would expand Government to Feed, Clothe and Shelter the Poor, Educate All American Children, to Protect all Human Rights, to grant Universal Healthcare for one and all, to break up the Big Banks, to hold Wall Street accountable for irresponsibly gambling with and hurting America’s Eco/People-nomic System….etc.
If Voting for Free Radicals, do We the People Vote for the unpredictable Number Chasing Numbers Man - Trump or Vote for the impassioned Man of and for the Needs of People - Bernie ?
When dealing with supposed and exposed Extreme Elements - Climatic Changing, Tectonic shifting Polar opposites, who are We the People willing to Bet on ?
Whose Eco/People-nomic Alchemistry moves We the People ?  Are We the People betting on The Numbers or The People ?
When We the People Value Numbers more than People it poisons the Cultural Waters for everyone (Just look at Flint, Michigan).
Would you Trust your Waters of Life to Trump who might see you as a Loser in a Group or Location of Losers to be ignored and dispatched with or would you Trust Bernie who strives to See the Value in every Individual Person, and wishes them Well, and Works to make their Waters of Life Safer, Sweeter and more Actively Meaningful ?
Who do We the People really want or need to be In Charge of our Alchemical Eco/People-nomic Systems - a Human Being who plays Life by The Numbers and for The Numbers or a Human Being who plays Life by and for We the People allowing the Numbers to follow, rise and fall as they may ?
Election time in America is upon us.  Do we Choose the Free Floating Radicals or the more Stabilized and alkaline Establishment Elements to run our Alchemical Eco/People-nomic System ?  It’s all in the Shake, Rattle, Roll and Spin of the Alchemical Wheel of Fortune by a Changed and more volatile Electorate.  Let it Ride……….

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