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The Chapel - Part 13
by Theodore K. Nasos
2016-01-26 09:40:41
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And here we are once more, standing in the dark, under a raining sky, in a creepy street watching one light in a Chapel that was supposed to be a place of peace and faith. I had definitely lost my peace the last few days and all because of this Chapel.

For long nothing moved and the light in the back seemed to be there just to light the small path that led to the side room and the kitchenette. Sir John was very quiet and a sign of his nervousness that he hadn’t even lit a cigar. He was standing still watching eyes wide open. And then a door open and two shadows came out of the side door. One was definitely the pastor. After all these times we had met him I started recognizing his shape even in the dark.

aley01_400The other one was also a man. And there was something strange in the way he was walking. It was like he had an extra weight on his left foot. It was like he had to do extra to lift it and then make a step. The Pastor was walking slowly stopping every so often so the other man could march his speed.

“Go and be quiet about everything.” We heard suddenly the pastor saying. The other man said something not so clear for us to understand but the pastor continued. “I told you not to worry, I will find the third. I have an idea where it might be. Frank was not so clever after all.”

“Pastor, me need the third shield. Me very need.” This time the other voice was loud, clear and totally foreign. The two men had reached the metal front door and they were ready to shake hands. “Anything pastor. Anything!” the voice said again and then he walked fast to the street turning the first corner left.

“Aren’t we going to follow him?” I whispered to Sir John who hadn’t move an inch from where he was standing. Sir John waited for a bit more to make sure that the pastor had returned to the back room and then he said. “I think we have better wait first to see who’s going to visit us the next few hours and then we can find the foreign gentleman.” I looked at him in surprise.

I had been actually expected him to jump and start running straight away behind the foreign man and he was just standing there quiet still waiting for another late visit. “What makes you think that there will be another visit?”

aley02_400“Logic my dear friend. Logic.” and logic it was because before we get to the hour – and I kept looking at my pocket watch – another man appeared from the same corner the foreign man had left and in fast steps he entered the metal gate and then straight to the back room.

“Did you see his face?”

“Of course I didn’t. I was not even looking.”

“Yes, indeed. You never look!” Sir John said quietly leaving me wander if he had insulted me or not.  

“What do you mean he is coming tonight?”

“Didn’t you see the speed he came out looking around? While he was so confident and sure when he entered then he came out looking around. Obviously his mission was set. Now he has to do something about it.”

“I thought the question is what we are going to do about it.”

“Turn off the lights and wait!”


“Do you really want me to repeat it?”

And we did turned off the lights except a candle in the side of the desk, we sat in our comfortable chairs and we waited. After a while I started feeling cold and for minute I think I dozed a bit, but fear woke me up again. Still not for long.

The next thing I remember is Sir John shouting, “Stop over there.” And something breaking. Next it was a loud bang and then another and another. I was behind my chair holding my breath until the lights were on.

“You can come out, is over!” and this was not Sir John’s voice. It was Chief Inspector Bennett’s voice, flesh, hat and everything. Everything included a pistol in his hand. Sir John was in the front of the French window slightly bedding in front of him, his back to me. And there was a body lying there. I could see the head, I could see an arm and I could see two feet. The next thing I saw it was Sir John’s face close to mine and his eyes smiling.

“A third body too much for you lad?”



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