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The Pre-Apocalypse
by David Sparenberg
2016-01-20 09:14:44
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The Pre-Apocalypse
apoc01_400We have lost our minds
And with our minds we have lost our eyes
And with our eyes we have lost our ears
And with our ears we have lost our tongues
And with our tongues we have lost our souls
And with our souls we have lost our spines
And with our spines, of course our hearts
And with our hearts we have lost our wills.
There before us, is that not a forest of jagged trees?
No.  It is a field of barbed iron.
A bit ahead, is that not a frozen wilderness?
No.  It is a flaming pit of blood and oil.
Why should we go on then?
Why should we not sit here, devoid of dreams and memory?
And sink into this muck that once was the Earth…
David Sparenberg
6 Jan. 2016


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"Life in the Age of Extinctions volume 2 – Threshold"
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Gordana Mudri2016-01-20 12:41:39
Sometimes, I think, do we need a real apocalypse to heal this planet? To start from the beginning...

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