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My religion
by Gordana Mudri
2016-01-18 11:21:10
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Another bomb ...more death. As if we are living between the one bloody event to the other one. In a world where most of the people declare themselves real believers ...there is so much blood in the name of God... any God...

Who can justify that and really say: I believe...

faith01_400Believe in what? In hatred and revenge instead of love and compassion? Who's gonna be "blessed", buying a ticket to heaven with so much blood? Who has turned religion upside down? God? Or greed?

There is something very strange and very confusing in this world around us.  There is something really dangerous in all these religions, who have forgotten to love. And it's getting - worse.

So many believers, so little faith. A lot of religious heads and so little God's words. A lot of people and so little humanity. A lot of judges and so little justice.  And they are all screaming for peace. With weapons in their hands. In the name of God... No matter the name they give to this God.

After all, it should be just one creator; there, in the Heavens, if you believe...

And me?

I'm a Christian. I'm a Orthodox. I'm a Muslim. I'm a Buddhist. I'm a Human. And love is my religion.


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Emanuel Paparella2016-01-19 01:21:06
Indeed, it appears that there are 7 billion religions, as many as there are people on earth, which is another way of saying that religion is universal and seems to be essential to the nature of the species and for its very survival. If a human being does not worship the transcendent God within an institution or without it, he/she will end up worshiping idols: money, or power or sport or one’s gadgets, even the very idea of God which, after all, is also a human-made idea. Since it is the highest idea a human can have one tends to defend it no matter what; but it is still the worship of a man-made idol. In the 20th century we have tried societies devoid of religion, such as in the Soviet Union, but the results in social welfare and harmony have been unimpressive. Perhaps Jung had it on target: throw religion out the window and it will return from the back window as an ideology or a cult. It appears that religion, together with the institutions of language and the family, appears at the outset of any society. Religion (from the Latin root religare—to bind together—is meant to bind together a community in a personal free, loving relationship to one’s transcendent Creator and one’s neighbor. When it does not do that and instead foments hatred and violence, what you have is a misnomer: one can be quite sure that it is not a religion but a cult or an ideology passing as a religion.

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