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Arctic Chill North (V4) Arctic Chill North (V4)
by Michael Lee Johnson
2016-01-15 09:34:05
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Arctic Chill North (V4)

Alberta arctic chill freezes my life in exile.
North Saskatchewan River crystallizes froze thick.
My life entomb 10 years here, prairie path, those thorns,
a hundred threats US government, border checks run further north.
I stand still in exile, live my life in mixture of colors, lone wolf, tangerine moons,
hang nail in this corner of my bachelor suite sleep for years.
I close down curtains on this chapter with an amnesty agreement, a pledge.
I close down this sunspace, northern lights,
files I never burn draft card I never toss away.
Thieves, dawn passion, pack up start home tonight.
This hell hangs on my head passes to a hallo, child, dream, and murders.
Let this flicker between notes and years die ignore spaces and pass.
Radio sounds, in my car, my ears, and blast old tunes
on my way back home, Indiana 1,728 miles away.


Michael Lee Johnson kindly made available for us an audio, reading of the poem. You can listen to it, HERE!

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