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The piano
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2016-01-09 11:25:09
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The piano
By Shia Perrou

Some people find it weird when I mention that I play the piano. I do; since I was four years old. I remember myself listening music and then when we were visiting grandpa me playing exactly the same song, just like I hear it on his piano.

piano01_400The same year, my parents decided time had come for me to get a teacher coming home and truth said I was a fast learner. The same summer and before the break, my teacher and I talked about starting with somethung like ...Chopin, on my return from the holidays.

Summer holidays in the camping was great, until one day. It was while having dinner when a kind of bottle with gas exploded and many children were injured; especially the ones sitting closer to the door… including me! They took me to the hospital with burns on my back, but the worst thing was that I had lost my hearing.

When we got back home I didn’t want to see the piano again. My father took it to the garage and I was signed for a special school.

Ten years later during Christmas time, my mother asked me to bring the box with the Christmas ornaments we usually store in the garage. I hadn’t been down there for a long time and it was dark and scary. Still, in a corner, covered with an old, dusty sheet, was my piano. I took off the sheet and touched the keys… My piano, my music, oh how much I missed them… I closed my eyes and played the song I had learned when I was a kid.

And it really happened, I could listen to the music through my fingertips; flowing into my body and reaching my heart. When I stopped playing I turned around and saw my mother standing at the door, tears in her eyes. I hugged her and told her that I could really listen to the music in my heart.

I never stopped playing since then. I compose my own songs. They call me the new Beethoven when I give concerts and I don’t really like it, but I don’t care. All I care is the journey I take every time with my music …along with MY piano.




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