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The Chapel - Part 10
by Theodore K. Nasos
2016-01-05 09:57:48
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Sir John was walking quietly in the park with me next to him trying to keep with his fast pace. The day was dark with grey clouds covering the city and grey people walking fast. We had left Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett back in the veterans’ house, happy to have a killer in his hands and angry to miss a murderer. What really had made him angry was Sir John’s silence.

The small gentleman had stood over the dead giant looking for long without saying a word and then he turned to me and just made a nod that there was nothing more to see and it was time to go. To no avail Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett had tried to keep him back with questions that faced a stone wall. Sir John didn’t say anything. Not even a yes or no. he just walked out of the room forcing me to follow him with Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett giving us angry looks and then out in the street with Sir John walking fast to …nowhere. The park just happened to be there.

“John, you did see something, didn’t you?” I could sense that he did, what I couldn’t understand was what was it and why he kept it for himself. After all Chief Inspector Bennett was a friend and an ally.

“You mean you didn’t notice?” he stopped and looked at me.

“Notice …what?” I was getting frustrated. Sir John has this effect on me, he always expects me to think and see things the way he does.

“His arms lad! His arms!”

“What about his arm?” and before I finish my question I had seen what he tried to tell me, or better what the corpse of the giants had tried to tell us.

jo01_400_01For a dead man and under violent circumstances Frank had a very strange posture. He was lying on his back with his arms crossed in front of him like a corpse in a coffin. There was nothing violent about this corpse even though there was a lot of violence in the room. A broken chair and pieces of glass and furniture everywhere testified a brief but very tense fight, after all Frank didn’t look like a man who would easily give up.

“Somebody had stage the whole thing.” I cried.

“Right!” Sir John answered. Now we had both stop walking and we were standing next to a very old tree looking at each other.

“And what more?” asked Sir John with a light in his eyes.

“Staged by somebody used to bodies in coffins!”

“Right!” Sir John said.

“The pastor!” We both said together.

“The pastor killed him,” I said more quietly looking around in case somebody could hear us.

“Or, the pastor was the first to find him!” Sir John added.

“We must warn Chief Inspector Bennett, he must know.” I was on fire again.

“And you think that Chief Inspector Bennett hasn’t already thought of that?”

“No, he thinks that the pastor is …well a pastor.”

“And we think otherwise?”

“Don’t you?”

“I’m not sure yet. Let’s go and have some tea.” The fact that Sir John was somehow hungry at an apocalyptic moment like this hit me hard but while we started walking I felt the need of some warm tea and a couple of small sandwiches. The ones well-buttered with fresh cheese. Oh well, I was hungry as well.


“So at first Frank kills the cook without any obvious reason and then somebody else kills Frank, again with no obvious reason. In the meantime we find out that the whole fuss is about a cylinder I hold for decades and which is empty, or at least it was empty when we opened it. We have no idea if there was something in there when I first got it.”

“This summarizes about everything.” I said nodding and chewing my very fresh made well-buttered sandwich. Now despite all the death and violence we had faced the last 24 hours it was nice to be inside a warm café a day like this. And the ladies that served tea were so superb in their work, they even brought quietly a small astray to me noticing that a gentleman like me of course smokes. Io was actually ready to open my cigars’ case when Sir John finished his sentence I hadn’t realized it was unfinished.

“And the pastor!” and he left it there, floating on the air and making me feel really uncomfortable.

“I think the pastor is an impostor, he is not a pastor and we must talk with Bennett about this.” Sir John looked at me for a while and then he said, “You know, you might be right! This is exactly what we should do!”

I was right? This might be the first. In my surprise I didn’t notice that Sir John has already left some coins on the table and he was putting on his coat ready to go out in the cold again.

“What’s the matter with you? Are you coming or not? Time to speak with Bennett and what a better time than now he is looking at a corpse?”

What a better time indeed!


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