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The Bundy-onians Are On the March Again !
by Leah Sellers
2016-01-05 09:58:06
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“Jake, get on up on that stage and talk to the People.  Tell ‘em why all of us Patriotic, We the People, fully armed and loaded, Bundy-onian Militia Members are here taking over this here Government Building,”  Sam ordered.
“Alright, alright,”  Jake grumbled as he climbed up onto the makeshift stage holding on tightly to his fully loaded AK-47.
Jake tapped the microphone a couple of times with the butt of his fully loaded AK-47, and cleared his throat.  “We are here to support the Younger Bundy who is supportin’ the two Ranchers who have been charged with Arson of Federal Lands, and are gettin’ ready to go to jail for it.”
mil01_400_02“We have taken over this here Federal Building in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in the good state of Oregon to Protest for our Constitutional Rights !”  Jake said with enthusiasm, and shaking his AK-47 in the air.
“We are folks from Texas, a newly legalized Open Carry State, Yee-haw !  New Mexico, Utah, Oregon and other American states all over America.  We are here as Patriots representing We the People, and us Patriotic We the People don’t think that it’s Constitutional for a democratically elected Federal Government, elected by We the People, to set aside Land for the overall Public accessibility and use of We the People.”
“No, we Patriotic We the People and fully armed and loaded Militia Members want all Public Government maintained and sustained Lands now belonging to everybody in America to be Privatized.”
“We consciously, sub-consciously and unconsciously agree with the Feudalistic, Authoritarian, CEO, Dictator, Corporate Cogheads, who want to Privatize and Profitize everything to put all of our Public Lands into their greedy Profiteering Red Hands.  ‘Cause we believe in Ownership.  Private Ownership.  So, why shouldn’t The Few who can Afford to Buy the Public Lands Own the Lands Privately ?”  Jake asked with pride.
“Yep, we are Patriotic We the Sheeple who want The Few to Own and Control everything like Feudalistic Kings and Queens.  Because Pretend-like Free Trade (that’s not really Free Trade for everybody involved, but is really well manipulated and well greased for The Few) is far more important in a dog-eat-dog world, than the overall Good Will Access that Americans have and share now in their Federal and State Parks and Wildlife Refuges in all fifty states,”  Jake said firmly.
“And that’s why we’re here supportin’ the two Arsonist Ranchers who lit up some of Oregon’s Federally kept Public Lands for whatever unreasoned reasonings they so chose.  “Cause America is a Free Country.”
“That’s why we Patriotic, fully armed and loaded, and willing to Die for our Cause, We the Sheeple Militia Protestin’ Members have taken over this here Public Buildin’ belongin’ to all Americans at this here Federal Wildlife Refuge that’s supposed to be freely open and accessible to One and All.”
“We want this here Refuge, and all other Federal Lands Ownned by the overall We the Peoples’ of America to be Lawfully Privatized and Owned by Private Hands.”
“These Lands rightfully Need to belong to the handful of folks wealthy enough to Own it and Use it outright.  They are the Top Dogs, and so therefore it is their right to do so.  These Lands need to be Private Lands accessible and used by The Few, not The Many.”
“Heck, the Public collectively ownin’ and usin’ American Lands is a Communistic-Socialistic point-of-view.  And we Patriotic, fully armed to the teeth, itchy-squitchy trigger-fingered, hair-trigger tempered We the Sheeple Militia Members want to live in a fully Privatized America that Benefit’s the Few and not the snivelin’, weak-kneed, Social Security Beggar Communistic-Socialistic Many !  And we’re doin’ this for the Constitutional sake of all Americans everywhere !   Jake crescendoed while waving his fully loaded AK-47 into the air once again.
“Anymore questions ?”
There were none.  Shaking his head quizzically, Jake said,  “I have never seen so many blank faces nor heard so many chirpin’ crickets.”
“You liberal journalists are just nit-wit, dim-wits.  And I don’t have any more precious breath to waste on tryin’ to get y’all to understand The Stand that all of us Patriotic, fully armed and loaded, We the Sheeple….I mean People, Militia Protestin’ Members are tryin’ to make here.”
And with that, Jake hockered up and spat into the crowd of journalists, curiosity seekers and concerned local citizens, and jumped off of the temporary, make-shift stage holding his fully loaded AK-47 tightly to his ever lovin’ Patriotic, We the People, Protestin’ Bundy-onian Militia Member chest.
Yee-haw-haw-haw-haw !

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Emanuel Paparella2016-01-05 17:25:05
“In guns we trust.” Eventually, once we have managed to elect a bully for president that motto will substitute “in God we trust” on our currency, for in a genuine democracy one ought to be able to fight with words, reason, and the rule of law, not simply rely on guns and "might is right." The distrust in the rule of law and the resorting to violence and the idolatry of trust in guns, is already a clear symptom, if we needed one, of an endangered democracy. One wonders if former president Jimmy Carter have had a point when he stated, some time ago, that the US is now well on its way of becoming a democracy in name only.

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