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by David Sparenberg
2016-01-03 11:34:22
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Here is how the mystic happens.  The Master occupies the innermost chamber.  He is old now and weak.
dav01_400_03The Beautiful Maiden passes between the Master and the visitors.  Always there are visitors filling the anteroom.  She observes each person carefully as she hands over a writing utensil and paper.
Each visitor is instructed to print their first name—first name only—and to state in few words why they have come at this time to seek an audience with the Master.  The Beauty encourages the confused to express themselves with clarity.  She assists the inarticulate and illiterate.
Collecting the requests of the visitors, the Maiden returns to the Elder.  She seats herself before him.  Taking hold of his moonglow hands she calmly reads the individual pages, describing each petitioner clearly once she has recited their petition.
Is this one old or young, rich or poor, hale or ailing, humble or impatient?  What is the depth of the humility; what is cause, or only ruse, of urgency?
Through this process the Master chooses who is to be received, to be brought in to sit with him and converse, and in what order.
Throughout a day, from dawn light to darkness, this way of handling the ritual of dialogue is repeated numerous times; continuing day after day.  For the anteroom is small and holds no more than ten bodies at once.
Visitors are an endless river; they conceive the Old One to be the welcoming ocean!
Commonly it is talked about that a single word from the Master points toward a true direction, unfolding the very manner of that soul’s salvation.  But also that one look into the eyes of the Beautiful Maiden, one moment in her presence, performing the mundane tasks of a helpmate, awakens the soul into the evolving dream of liberation.
That without her radiance the wisdom of the Ancient would be nothing more than dust.  The word of deliverance incomprehensible.

David Sparenberg
29 December 2015


*Shekhinah: the title from Kabbalah for the Female Hypostases and Indwelling Presence of the Infinite Creator.


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