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The Social Dis-eases of Affluenza and Poverty-Pox
by Leah Sellers
2015-12-31 12:17:05
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Achoo !  Bless you !  But this is nothing to Sneeze or Sniff at or about.  Affluenza and Poverty-Pox are Devourers of Societies and Cultures !  They are very big, bad, highly contagious, squirmy germs of the Human Psyche and Soul.  They have borne a multitude of names throughout Time and History.  They are Legion and they are many-headed hissing and toxic Hydras.
Affluenza.  The Rich Man and Woman’s Dis-ease.  They, and their offspring, are not to be held Accountable For or Bear any Consequences for any of their Negative Behaviors in Life, because they don’t know any better. Because they are Rich and for a myriad of Reasoned Unreasonings can get away with being UnDisciplined, UnPrincipled, Arrogant, Destructively Narcissistic, Law Breaking Law Makers (because they pay their Lobbyists and Lawyers and some willing Politicians and Judges to do their will and create and bend the very Laws they very often requested to be placed on the books in the first place from time to time, whenever necessary, for their own Rich sakes.  It’s called Situational Non-Ethics), Scapegoating, Calloused, UnSympathetic (to the plights of anyone they have damaged and/or killed), etc…..  Achooooooo !  Bless you !
pov01_400_01Poverty-Pox.  The Middle Class’s and Poor Man and Woman’s Dis-ease.  They and their Offspring are to be held Accountable for and bear any Consequences for any of their Negative Behaviors in Life(and at times the Affluenza afflicted Rich) because they are not Rich.  They do not have the Power of the Almighty Dollar and what it can Buy (Lobbyists, Lawyers, Politicians, Judges…. unless of course, they are related to one of them or hold some deep, dark, reputation and Life destroying secret against them.  Or they feel as though they can find a way to make a mint off of the misery heaped upon the Poverty-Poxed Middle Class or Poor Man or Woman).  The Poverty-Poxed do not create the Laws.  They Choose (Vote on) the Lobbyists, Lawyers, Politicians, Judges…etc. bought and paid for by The Affluenza Dis-eased Rich who create the Laws they situationally Want or Need in order to manipulate The Game to their Liking and Winning !  Achoooooo !  Bless Them One and All !
In fact, from time to time, the Affluenza Dis-eased and Afflicted throughout history can bring on Great Depressions and Great Recessions through Economic Conditions and Bubbles of their own making, and it is the Poverty-Poxed who will pay the overall Tab (lose their own homes, jobs, opportunities, safety…etc.), while the Affluenza Dis-eased get away Scott-Free and much Richer at the Poverty-Poxed’s expense and added suffering Locally, Nationally and Globally.
In some cases, particularly, if the Poverty-Poxed are Dis-Enfranchised in any way, then they, too, are excused for inexcusable Negative Behaviors they may unleash upon Society (which may affect/effect the overall effectiveness of the Culture(s) at large), because they are Poor.  And are not to be held responsible for any of their wrongdoings, because their Poverty is an excuse for their UnDisciplined and Damaging Actions against anyone or anything.  Their Poverty-Poxedness is an excuse for their complete lack of Character, Moral Compass or outbreak of Fevered Rage.
Yes, Affluenza and Poverty-Pox are Devourers of Societies and Cultures everywhere !  Achooooooo !  Bless them One and All !
The Texas Youth, Ethan Couch, got drunk while playing Beer Pong with a bunch of his drunken Buddies a couple of years ago.  He is the Offspring of a very Wealthy Affluenza Afflicted Family and his Lawyers got him a ten year probation for having the Dis-ease of Affluenza.  The Rich Boy became the poor little boy who didn’t know any better than to drive a car drunk, and run over and kill four other folks on the side of the road helping to fix a flat.  No, no, he was not to be held Responsible for his drunken, Life Stealing Actions because he was (and still is) afflicted with Affluenza.
And since the Others who were killed that caustic evening, while being Good Samaritans, were just plain ’ole Middle Class/Poor Voiceless (because they were not Rich) Folks, their lives had less value.  The Lives of their remaining, mourning Families and Loved Ones had less value.  And so their Needs for Justice, and to make some kind of Sense out of the Senseless were not valued enough to be taken into Account (or Accountability).
While on his Affluenza Dis-eased Probation, Ethan held another drunken Beer Pong-a-long Party with his ’ole drunken Buddies, a few weeks ago just before hitting the road with his Affluenza Dis-eased Mother for Mexico.  They went on an Affluenza Dis-eased Run from the Law - Run from all of his UnEthically Lawful InConsequential Consequences for killing Four Poverty-Poxed Human Beings for breaking the rules of his Affluenza Dis-eased Probation.  Achoooooooo !  Now, that’s something to Sneeze and Sniff about !
The Affluenza Dis-eased Couchs (Mother and Son, Ethan) have been taken into custody by the Mexican Authorities.
It will be interesting to see where the Dis-ease of Affluenza will go from here, where the Couchs are concerned.  Perhaps, now the Four Dead Victims of this Dis-eased Young Man (and his irresponsibly permissive Mother), and the Victims Poverty-Poxed Families and Loved Ones, will now be given the Anti-Carrier-Anti-Toxins they so badly Need.  Perhaps the decent Poverty-Poxed Family and Loved Ones of the Four Precious Dead Souls taken by a momentary brush with the deadly Dis-ease of Affluenza will find some sort of Justice and/or Sense made of the Senseless.
Achoo !  Sniff !  Sniff !  These Toxic Dis-eases are indeed a Pox on all of our Houses !  However, they are Dis-eases with A Cure.  A variety of Cures.........

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